was created as part of an effort to engage new residents of Claregalway with the community and history surrounding them.

It came about following a series of conversations with locals of various ages and residencies, each of whom expressed concern that there was no cohesive, easily accessible method of finding out about ongoing local activities.

Through conversing with residents, it became apparent that community spirit was strong, but disconnected. The aim of this project is to connect locals, and their respective mini-communities, in a more significant way than by address. There are a wide range of local activities, fairs and festivals which take place every other day in the village. Many residents however, are uninformed due to a strong reliance on word of mouth as a vehicle for publicity. was born of a desire to publicise these specifically local conversations for every member of the community to engage with. It is up to you, the community, to learn and share local information on the site, and keep Claregalway’s history alive!