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The camera never lies. But it can distort the truth and present us with a different view of the world around us. We see the world around us through our eyes; a photographer sees the world through his camera. This instrument can be used to manipulate what we see by applying various techniques, including long shutter speeds, intentional camera movement, defocusing and many more.

In this series of beautiful photographs Patrick Dinneen invites you on an abstract journey through a dreamlike world of images bursting with colour.

Patrick Dinneen is a Cork born, Galway (Lackagh) based photographer. He has no one preferred style of photography, instead enjoys photographing anything that captures his eyes’ attention.

He proudest achievement is date is having his work featured in the LA Times. When he isn’t behind his camera he enjoys spending time with his family, playing or watching football, cycling or reading.

He also has a passion for music and has linked music with photography by giving every photo blog post a related music title in his website.

You can view more of his work at

A short biography by Patrick Dinneen

I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs since I was a young child. For my tenth birthday my dad bought me a big, awkward, complex DSLR camera while I would have preferred a simple compact. At the time I didn’t’ realise that he did so to try to teach me how a camera works. When our first child was born 6 years ago I found myself with my camera at hand more and more often to capture her and fell in love with photography again.

I enjoy just photographing anything and everything including concerts, sports, architecture, nature and more. An eclectic mix you could say. Recently though I’ve noticed that I’m shooting more abstract photographs. In today’s world where everything has been over photographed with the result that most photographs look similar I often try to photograph items from a different perspective to make them stand out and more memorable.

As a hobby I love photography; you can spend a lifetime photographing but still learning and always capture something new. When visiting new cities it adds a whole new dimension to a holiday; you’re always keeping an eye out for a potential photograph. The only downside on holidays is that behind every photographer there’s a bored partner.

I set up a photography club at my workplace, SAP in 2009.

I organised the SAP Galway Photography Club exhibition in Ballybane library in 2010 and the exhibition was launched by Michael D Higgins (before he was President).

I photographed two weddings last year which were challenging but very rewarding and enjoyable. I’m hoping to shot some more weddings in the future.

A photograph of mine featured in the LA Times last year (The Man Outside the Crane Bar—pictured above).