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Soul Space – The Experience is a powerful, immersive one day event that delivers a synergy of remarkable workshops held by leading minds in mental, physical, spiritual and human performance. You will be brought on a Journey of Soul Growth to Nourish, Awaken, Inspire and Heal.

Soul Space, the experience will allow time and space to unlock and explore your personal potential, by invigorating and expanding capabilities and deepening your understanding and ability to thrive in both professional and personal aspects of your life.

Held in Claregalway Castle, one of Galway’s most beautiful and historic venues, Soul Space is an experience like no other.

Breathe, uncover and understand how to heal your body and enhance your life through insightful conversations, psychology, mindfulness, meditation and nutritional wellbeing.

Come face to face and heart to heart with honesty, simplicity and clarity.

Allow mind and body to align and thrive, enabling enhanced performance in life, sport and business.

Come experience Soul Space, and allow your world to unfold with infinite opportunities and possibilities like never before.

Soul Space, The Experience – The place to Heal, Awaken and Ignite. The place of insightful conversation. The place of true meaning and purpose.

Set your soul free at Soul Space on Sept 15th, 2019 at Claregalway Castle

~ change your thinking, change your world.

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