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Claregalway Skin Care & Aromatherapy Clinic, Kiniska, Claregalway

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) is the strongest natural antiseptic known to man. This natural antiseptic can be used on a daily basis. Tea Tree Oil is for external use only, although it can be used in the mouth for mouth ulcers, etc. as long as it is not swallowed.

When purchasing Tea Tree Oil and Tea Tree Oil products, one must be sure it is Melaleuca Alternifolia, as there are some 110 other species of Tea Trees.

In Australia Tea Tree Oil is classed as medical product and a bottle of pure Tea Tree Oil is looked on by many Australians as a First Aid Cabinet in a bottle. Australian Bodycare own their own plantations and manufacture a range of therapeutic products. Tests have shown that Tea Tree Oil is the perfect solution for oily spotty skin such as ACNE.

In addition, it heals and prevents fungal infection like Athlete’s foot, ingrown hair, thrush, etc.

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