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Christmas Greetings to everyone in the Parish! I hope that you are all keeping well and in great form. No doubt, you’re all looking forward to the holidays and for the opportunity to throw your feet up for a while.

I am in shock myself at the moment though because I cannot believe that it is this time of the year again. It is amazing just how quickly the few months have gone since I left home and it certainly does not seem like a year ago since the Ordination.

Anyway, I am keeping great myself and have settled back into life here at this stage. I am afraid though that I do not have too much news for you because I have been in language school since the beginning of September. Very exciting eh? We have class every day from 8am–4pm so that fairly well keeps us occupied. The Language School is lively because there are 12 Columbans studying there—6 Lay Missionaries, 2 students, l Columban Sister and 3 Priests. We all belong to the same Missionary Group. By the time you get this letter though I will have finished up in the school (how sad!)

Unfortunately, the parish that I was supposed to move into by Christmas, and where I was to work permanently, is a bit unstable at the moment, after the series of kidnappings there over the last few weeks. Once things have settled down again by July or August, I will be able to move in. So, in the meantime, I will probably be living in a squatter area in one of the cities for the six months or so.

It sure doesn’t seem like Christmas here, even though there are Christmas lights and decorations up all over the place. I just find it hard to believe that it is Christmas when it is hot and humid. No more than yourselves, when I think of Christmas, I associate it with wind and rain!. Not to worry though because I will be thinking of you all when I spend Christmas Day on the beach.

I will conclude for the moment by wishing each and every one of you a very Happy, Peaceful and relaxing Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

I will write to you all again soon once I get settled into the Parish. So until then, all of the very best and take care.

David Cribbin

Once again, thanks a million for all your prayers and support. I really appreciate it.