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We had the pleasure of dining out in the Abbey Restaurant recently and it was a perfect ending to a perfect day. Before our meal, we had a drink in the Summerfield Lounge, whilst perusing our menu. At this stage of the evening, music over the speakers would have been welcome, as we were all talked out during the day! The proprietor Julie McKenna told us speakers had been broken and were being attended to. The Abbey Restaurant has changed hands and names many times over the years and was always open to criticism.

Personally, I have to say we had the most delightful, faultless meal ever. The restaurant is upstairs over the Summerfield Bar. The sound of Andrea Bochelli greeted us on arrival (I am a big fan!). The room is simply furnished and the walls are decorated with the works of local artists, of which we are proud. Our hostess Corle greeted us warmly and graciously, and showed us to a table discreetly placed overlooking Claregalway village. For a moment, I imagined myself in a restaurant in Greece, such was the atmosphere and décor of the restaurant.

The menu was extensive and tantalising and the service second to none. Presentation was extremely professional and appealing—one wanted to try everything! In fact, between us all, we did try everything and savoured it all! Who is the Chef, the creator of this divine food?

We enjoyed our meal so much, we returned a week later for pub grub and were not disappointed, except for the lack of music!

We availed of the March Special which was a three course dinner very moderately priced at €20 each. I have no doubt but that we will return as often as the pocket allows!

Memories are precious and I thank Corle and her staff for a most wonderful memory of a special day.