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Dear Editor,

We are all suffering from the effects of the “Housing Bubble” but there is a “Dependency Bubble” looming, which if we ignore will be more divesting than anything we have ever experienced. The reason for this is the recent figures given by the Central Statistics Office which show that the number of people who emigrated from Ireland over the last year has soared to 87,000. Youth Work Ireland tells us that 150,000 young people have emigrated since 2008. The 20–35 age group of Irish society is being decimated at a great rate. A total imbalance of our workface and society is taking place before our eyes.

Is Ireland becoming “No Country for young Irish women and men“? If this continues the people who do have the luxury of a full time job will be burdened with taxes to support all those who, for one reason or another, are State Dependent. Examples are; pensioners, carers, young children, students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level, people taking part in Post Graduate Education, people with disabilities, workers in part time employment and of course who have a long term illnesses. All public sector workers are dependant of the money taking in taxes. With 4.59 million population and only 1.8 million in workface we are in deep trouble.

Would UK workers be able to support 120 million people… No way! This is the reality Ireland is facing. To have any sort of balance or future we need at least 3 million people in full time employment.

In the recession of the 1980s, the average emigration was 50,000 per year. Latest figures of 87,000 in 2012 is a recipe for disaster!

Cllr Nuala Nolan, Galway City Council,
Contact 086 407 2622