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Nail fungal therapy which has taken the world by storm is now available in County Galway. The new and revolutionary treatment is known as PACT and uses a photosensitive gel combined with LED light.

It is safe and gentle, with no side effects, no drugs and is fast and effective. It works regardless of severity and kills fungus and bacteria.

Cindy Duggan

Cindy Duggan


The treatment is available at the Claregalway Foot and Laser Therapy Clinic, at Cloon, Claregalway. Cindy, who operates the Clinic, said that she is very pleased to be able to offer this radical and progressive treatment.

“It is my sincere hope that we will now overcome this insidious and troublesome nail fungus. Until now treating nail fungus has often been frustrating, taking lengthy periods of time, only to show disappointing results or having to take anti-fungal drugs which can have nasty side effects and may not always be suitable.”

PACT is one of many foot treatments available at the Claregalway Foot and Laser Therapy Clinic. There are therapeutic foot massages, verruca treatments, corrective nail treatments and foot mobilisation techniques and general foot health and well-being.

For details, contact the Claregalway Foot & Laser Therapy Clinic, Cloon, Claregalway at 086 063 1105 or 091 799013.