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What colour are you? Are you an autumn or spring type? Do you react in different ways to different colours?

Plant colours do have an effect on my overall well-being as I am  quite sure that they have on many of your moods. I am quite  uncomfortable with red and orange flowering plants around me but I find whites, creams and greens particularly restful. Having now revealed my love for the colour white I feel that I must introduce to my favourites and explain the effect that white has on me as a gardener.

White flowers have a cooling effect on hot summer days while on  the other hand they light up a dull winter days. When other colour flowers tend to vanish in the darkness, whites light up the  night and gleam in the moonlight. It is worth noting that white  can be present in every month of the year, for example  appearing as beacons in dreary January gardens and as  punctuation marks in colour-filled July gardens.

Whites range from pure white to creams to greyish shades.  They are often tinted with pink, blue or green. The spectrum of  white colours is indeed very wide, with the result that plantings  with such colours are never monotonous. White flowers tend to  be used to separate plants with clashing flower colours and are  often planted in tandem with grey and silver foliage.


Worthy of a home in any garden is the Phlox paniculata Snow  Queen’ as it lingers with pure white flowers until early autumn,  long after other strong coloured flowers have retreated. Most  country gardens are perfumed with the regal lily, Lilium regale. Its tall, fragrant white trumpet shaped flowers have  religious connotations and often adorn church alters. No garden  should be without the beauty of African Daisies,Osteospernum. Once you have seen them open their flowers  to the summer sun you will be hooked for life. They come in a  wide range of colours but of course my favourites are the white  forms. I also get great flowering value from the Malva alba  plants in my own garden. They are prolific flowering perennial  plants. The white or pale pink forms of Astilbe ardensii  are  particularly effective near ponds and streams. Their featherlike  flowers evoke feelings of restfulness.

If your preference is for white flowering shrubs, I would advise  you to make room in your garden for Viburnum plicatum  ‘Maresii’ and Hydrangea ‘Annabelle’. I know that you will get  great pleasure from their beauty. For tall plants with scent and  colour value I love the white lilac bush Syringa Mme. Lemoine  and the Philadelphus Belle Etoile. I think no perfume can  surpass that of the low growing Sarcacocca humilis. Icy but  not cold would be an apt description of the climbing plant  combination of Rosa Iceberg and Rosa Felecite Perpetua.

Veering away from flowers but staying with the colour white, I  would highly recommend the snow white barked Betula utilis  jacquemontii tree. To my mind this majestic tree is a living  piece of sculpture.

Plant what you yourself are comfortable with and create a garden environment that puts you at ease. It will be your garden, your refuge. Colour IT Beautiful!


Happy Gardening!







Garden Checklist.


  • Spray potato plants in order to prevent blight.
  • Clip hedges.
  • Sow late crops of carrots, peas and beans.
  • Summer prune plum and flowering Cherry trees.
  • Feed and water tomato plants.