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Onion Sets

Dear Fellow Gardeners,

Onion Sets 
We would like to let you know that our onion sets have just arrived.  The variety is Forum – it’s a wonderful early maturing variety with round bulbs, great disease resistance and excellent flavour.  It is bolt resistant and one of the earliest types to mature. It’s often ready to eat in July.  It should keep for about three months after harvesting.
The brown onions can be planted from mid March onwards.  Prepare the bed well but don’t leave it too loose for the onions.  I usually place a board of timber onto the bed and stand on it to firm the soil evenly.  I then plant the sets with the tips sticking out.  Then a cover of bionet cloche to stop the crows or magpies to pull out the bulbs.  A good spacing is 10cm in the row and about 25cm between the rows.
We also have a small quantity of red onions – Red Baron available. Red onions are delicious but harder to grow as they often bolt (go to seed).  Try planting them only from April onwards – hopefully this will slow down bolting.
Onion sets are available on our website:

Website problems
We are currently experiencing problems with our website.  It’s works perfectly from a computer, but not via a phone.  I’m really sorry about it.  A web designer is currently starting a new website for us and it should be working again in a few days.  In the meantime if you want to order onion sets,  you can do so only with a computer.  Thank you for your understanding.
Happy Gardening,