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The refurbishments to the Centre are still in the planning stages, but the committee hope to have them finalised in the near future. In the meantime, fundraising is ongoing. A calendar based on photographs of the parish taken by local photographer Gerry Mooney, is being compiled and should be available in the autumn. This will have an A3 format, and will comprise twelve pages. In the next few weeks, local businesses are to be approached and invited to place advertisements.

It is planned to print 1,000 calendars, which will be sold locally at a cost of £5 each. They will also be available from any member of the committee and also at the annual Craft Fair in November. All proceeds will go towards the refurbishment of the toilets and showers in the Centre. The committee are hoping for the support of the local community to give a much needed update to the facilities in the Centre. It is used by a huge amount of people from the parish, and is the base for basketball, badminton, indoor soccer, scouts, meetings and summer camps. It is a wonderful facility for the community, but needs community support if it is to continue. If you feel you can help in any way in providing sponsorship for the calendar, or in helping the sale and distribution, please contact any member of the committee, or buy one when you see it on sale in the autumn. Every penny raised will go to improving the Centre. Committee members Patricia Carton, Tony Clarke, Hugh Farrell, Mary Forde, Maura Harte, Margaret Kearney, Siobhán Lynskey, Alan Moran, Gerry Mooney, Hubert Newell, Ita O’Reilly, Mary Reidy, Carol Steven.

Siobhán Lynskey