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After a nail biting two days counting in Leisureland Councillor Noel Grealish won the victor’s cap when he succeeded Senator Margaret Cox on the 12th count. Senator Cox was favored to gain the third seat for Fianna Fáil in the West but Councillor Noel Grealish overtook Cox and survived the transfer of almost 4000 green votes. Councillor Noel has been an advocate of recycling from day one and this stood in his favour with transfers. After Bobby’s Molloy’s sudden exit from politics, the Progressive Democrats were faced with a dilemma—to run or not to run? It was thus decided to run three candidates, all new to general election politics. The idea was deemed impossible by party bosses but it went ahead—the strategy being to project the ticket as 1-2-3 in every sense. All posters showed the three candidates, all vehicles exulted of the three candidates and personal letters bearing Bobby Molloy’s signature were delivered to voters in the constituency asking for support for the trio and warning of the danger of a return to one-party government. Grealish emerged as the party forerunner on the first count, with 2,735 votes.

Noel took 400 votes from his own local box—a feat unknown elsewhere. Bobby Molloy said “I’m so chuffed about this as I was very concerned to see the Progressive Democrats remain a credible party in Galway after I had stepped down.”

We in Carnmore and Claregalway are particularly proud of Noel as he has tirelessly worked in the background on our behalf. Now that he is our voice in the Dáil, we can still expect the commitment he has given to us over the years as his track record with the Council has proved.

Celebrations continued long into the night (and morning) in Grealish’s in Carnmore. A deserving accolade in every way and for some of us not used to late hours it was well worth it! I believe Noel was up bright and early next morning, not like some of us! Now that’s what I call a politician! A second night of partying was under way in Carnmore where Councillor and Deputy Noel was led in a cavalcade of cars through the city and home to Carnmore arriving in the wee hours of the morning.

Well done Noel,