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A different path – acknowledgement, recognition and appreciation

The recent visit of Olli Rehn (European Economic Commissioner) and the hype surrounding the article penned by Morgan Kelly in the Irish Times national newspaper was another negative sounding to the mindset of the Irish nation. Some elements of the media have focused solely on negative aspects. Our media plays a vital role in informing the people of Ireland the current affairs both negative and positive. Often when we open a newspaper, watch the news or listen to the newspaper there is little reported on good news. In other nations suffering from economic challenges, otherwise known as the PIGS(Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain), they`re national media are more upbeat attitude, this has a knock on consequence for the people of those nations. These people are more upbeat in their attitude, while at the same time acknowledging the challenges, recognising their strengths and appreciating their resources.

On a macro-economic scale it would be helpful to recognise, that “Ireland Inc” should also acknowledge the challenges facing us as a nation, as the upcoming budget and austerity measures present a huge challenge to the national as a whole. Each section of society has and will suffer as a consequence of the present economic climate.

While we are acknowledging these challenges, we should also recognise and appreciate the following.

  • 960 Foreign Companies
  • Home to the world’s leading companies
  • 8 of the top 10 leading pharmaceutical companies
  • 15 of the top 25 in medical devices
  • More than 50% of World’s leading financial services firms
  • 8 of the top 10 technology companies
  • The total investment into Ireland is great than into Brazil, Russia, India, China…COMBINED
  • The largest exporter of beef in Europe and 4th  in the world
  • Ireland exports 80% if dairy production
  • We make 15% of the worlds infant formula
  • 10 of the world’s top selling prescription drugs are made in Ireland

(Source information: IBEC- “Ireland by the numbers”, 2010 – full presentation available on YouTube)

Some people feel removed from the government and feel powerless, and it struck me that we can all feel empowered. I believe it would be helpful to translate the exercise above to our everyday lives. This would provide a platform to feel more empowered and become more positive. By acknowledging our personal challenges while at the same time appreciating and recognising our individual personal strengths and talents; we can provide an opportunity to focus on the positive aspects in our lives.

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