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There will be huge delays in Claregalway from Monday next and for the next eight weeks as the new bridge is put in place.
But here has been much local disappointment that so much money is being spent on a job that will only half solve a problem.
The bridge will be widened at Claregalway to allow more water to go through that will possibly stop the road from being blocked again, but no provisions have been made to let it go to the Corrib faster with a greater risk of flooding to the people in Montiagh and Curraghmore areas.
Many feel that the amount that is being used for this bridge should have been used to provide a new bridge for the planned relief road that is much more badly needed for Claregalway and will likely be put back further on the long finger with this money already used up in this project.
It is likely that all the rat runs in the area will be used during the construction of the new bridge and many of these roads are already in very bad repair and are in urgent need of funding on the surface after the severe winter.