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CLAREGALWAY-based company Team BDS has secured a major international framework agreement that will see them provide innovation and lean management support to over 200 businesses in Britain.

Team BDS, who have their head office in Claregalway, have just been awarded the three-year contract by the Scottish government’s economic development agency.

The training programmes will seek to promote increased productivity in approximately 70 companies per year over the three-year lifespan of the contract.

Team BDS will seek to promote increased competitiveness in service companies including financial, software, call centre and tourism businesses.

The company specialises in working with businesses to improve their levels of innovation, new products and services and strategic competitiveness, including international partnering.

“This is a very significant contract for us, as the selection process by the Scottish agency was extremely thorough and open to major international competition.  It is rewarding for us to be able to secure a contract of this size outside Ireland, and shows that the programmes and systems we have put in place are capable of standing up to international scrutiny,” said James McNabb, Managing Director.

“Our role will be to support the competitive development of the organisations in the context of international markets, cost advantage and profitability, he added.

Team BDS have offices in Belfast and Scotland.