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Dear Editor,

The 7 Presidential Candidates have either got the Nomination of their Political Parties or have got the nomination or 4 Councils. This is no easy achievement so it is quite disturbing to see those people being the subject of tabloid journalism. Each of the 7 candidates have given to the community over many years of their lives, in the case of Michael D you would be talking his whole adult live lived on both the national and world stage. We have been told by the media that they need to answer the hard questions, that is fair enough but to see candidates private lives and those of their families being trawled through is unnerving.

They say that if you “throw enough mud some of it is bound to stick”, is that what is supposed to be civilized debate just a o, a mud battle? Surly real debate with the 7 candidates should bring before the electorate the many exceptional qualities which I am sure they possess in varing degrees. Only then can the electorate make an informed choice.

Martin McGuinness, Gay Mitchell and David Norris are also elected reprehensive coming from very different political divides, maybe we would not see life from their perspective but we have to respect that they lived very public lives and that in the case of Norris and McGuinness they have pushed out the envelope a bit. Norris in regard to gay rights and McGuinness in getting involved in the peace process. Dana has been an MEP and has ran for President in the past unsuccessfully. Many people may do not agree with her religious stance on issues but one should respect that there are many people who do share her views.

Mary Davis, Sean Gallagher have never stood before the electorate but they have excelled in their respective fields. So there is “something for everyone” in the range of 7 candidates. Let the media concentrate on showing us the “right man for the job”. The media should not decend into “gutter press” and should show respect for all of them and their families private lives.

Nuala Nolan