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Firstly my apologies regarding the information I sent to you on Tuesday regarding the traffic calming measures for Claregalway, which was information I received from Galway County Council officials.

I held another meeting with Galway County Council this afternoon regarding the traffic calming measures at Claregalway school. They have informed me that the laying of pipes for the new sewerage scheme for Claregalway is to commence in January 2013 and if the traffic calming measures proceed in December as planned, the pedestrian crossing will have to be dug up again to lay the pipes for the sewerage scheme.

As a result of this, they want to delay the traffic calming measures to be carried out in conjunction with the laying of pipes. The contractor for this project is P&D Lydon and work will be commencing in January. I have been assured that the funding is still available from the NRA for the traffic calming measures and the work will be carried out, but the Council are of the opinion that to install a pedestrian crossing in December and dig it up again in January is not viable.

Rest assured that I am monitoring this issue very closely and I will be ensuring that the work goes ahead as planned, but it will later than originally expected. Please also see below an e-mail from Galway County Council in relation to this matter.

If you would like clarification on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact me.

With regards,
Noel Grealish TD