Posted by Tony Galvin, the Tuam Herald in News.

Following numerous complaints over the dangerous condition road works at Knockdoe on the N17 between Tuam and Claregalway are left in at night, Galway Co Council has said that they are now monitoring the situation closely.

The traffic calming works are designed to make the section of the N17 through the village of Knockdoe safer for motorists and pedestrians but there have been many complaints regarding poor visibility at night and the dangerous condition the unfinished works are left in overnight.

One engineer with many years of experience on such projects told The Herald that he was extremely uncomfortable manoeuvring past the works one night recently and couldn’t understand why they were left in this condition.

Of particular concern are the raised sections constructed as traffic calming measures which jut out into the main thoroughfare. Motorists have been complaining that these are not sufficiently lit up and they are very difficult to see at night.

Local member of Galway Co Council Cllr Jarlath McDonagh told The Herald that he had several complains about the issue and he had made representations to the council to have the matter seen to. He said he understood that the contractor had been contacted and extra lighting and signage had been agreed.

There have also been concerns raised over the placing of traffic cones to mark the temporary lanes with local residents reporting cones strewn all over the road as a result of vehicles colliding with them.

The works will continue for approximately another month and it is hoped to have them completed by Christmas. Director of Services for Roads and Transportation with Galway Co Council, Frank Gilmore, told The Herald that the council was well aware of the concerns raised and they were monitoring the situation closely. He understood that temporary lighting was now in place and if this proved insufficient to ally the concerns raised then the council would take further steps.