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Registration Form for Keeping the Community Informed – Community Mailing Lists:




Local Community Group name:                                                                                                




Role on Committee:                                                                                                                      


Numbers on Committee:                                                                                                             


Address for Correspondence:                                                                                                  




Telephone                                                    Evening/ Mobile                                         


E-Mail                                                             Registration Date                          


Keeping the Community Informed – Community Mailing Lists to be held on:


Monday the 27th of November in the Claregalway Hotel from 7 pm till 10 pm.



Keeping the Community Informed – Community Mailing Lists

Voluntary groups should always ensure that they keep their communities informed about on-going projects, upcoming events and fundraising initiatives. The Community Mailing List can be an excellent resource to reach out to people who could benefit from voluntary group activities. With enhanced levels of data protection governing personal data, it’s important that mailing lists are managed in the correct way. Advances in technology applications has also enabled people without graphic design experience to produce professional looking online and hard copy newsletters.

Over the 3 hour workshop, we will:

  • -Explore practical methods of building and maintaining a community mailing list
  • -Consider the implications of the General Data Protection Regulation on how community groups handle mailing list personal data
  • -Learn how to create and distribute Newsletters via email using the Mailchimp application
  • -Learn how to use Canva templates to create graphics and edit images for inclusion in eNewsletters and hard copy newsletters



Please specify the Target Groups/Area represented by your Community Group

(If relevant) please tick


Persons with a disabilities   Substance misusers  
Early School Leavers   Migrant workers  
Travellers   Asylum Seeker  
Older Persons   Refugees  
Homeless People   Disadvantaged Communities


One parent families   Roma  
Unemployed   Other – Please specify  
Youth   Geographical area represented  



Please return completed forms to :

Melinda Coen Ryan

Community Development Officer for North Galway

Galway Rural Development Co Ltd

Lower, Dublin Road


Co. Galway

Tel:   093 26211

Mobile: 087 3515832

Email: [email protected]

Closing Date Friday the 24th of November 2017