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Galway County Council commenced the preparation of the 2022-2028 County Development Plan on the 18th June 2020, a process which must be completed within two years, by May 2022

The new County Development Plan will set out the strategy for the future planning and sustainable development of County Galway up to 2028 and beyond.

The first of three public consultation periods will run for 12 weeks – between 18th June 2020 – 10th September 2020 (inclusive).

The Issues Paper (see attached- Irish version available on request) is the first step in the making of the new County Development Plan and presents an overview of the main planning and development issues in Galway and seeks to encourage public debate on what broad issues should be considered in the new County Development Plan. It is vitally important that as many individuals and groups are involved in this process as possible so that the final County Development Plan reflects public concerns and aspirations whilst having regard to national and regional policies and guidelines. At this stage the Council is particularly interested in encouraging submissions on strategic and ‘big picture’ issues.

As the Planning & Environment SPC will consider the Development Plan at its next meeting on 7th July, your PPN Reps would like your brief feedback by Mon 6th July on the issues of most concern, to help in representing the views of the PPN on this Committee.

To help you in this regard, the following, extracted from the Issues Paper,  is a list of the main, but not exhaustive, questions to be considered under the various Planning & Development headings.

Core Strategy and Housing

Key Questions:

  • How best can the County Development Plan cater for the projected population growth in the County over the lifetime of the plan?
  • Where should the increase in population within the County be directed?
  • Development land is a limited valuable resource. How best do we maximise the development of appropriate land to create sustainable communities?
  • How can Council policy protect areas within the County currently under severe pressure for one-off dwellings?
  • Where in the County should population growth be directed to achieve balanced growth as per the RSES?
  • Is there a deficit in the provision of a particular type of housing that should be addressed eg. apartment, duplex etc?
  • What contributes to an attractive residential environment?
  • How can the plan best address increased residential densities?
  • How should social housing be delivered and do we have the right balance between social and private housing?
  • OTHER:

Urban Living and Placemaking

Key Questions:

  • How can the plan support the delivery of a robust (MASP)?
  • How can we make our urban places more attractive for people to live and work?
  • What parts of the urban places (Metropolitan areas, Town and villages) are most suitable in your view for people to live and work?
  • How can we make our urban places (Metropolitan areas, Towns and villages) more attractive and connected for pedestrians and cyclists?
  • Should we facilitate a better mix of employment and housing in our urban places?
  • OTHER:

Rural Place Making and the Countryside

Key Questions:

  • How should the countryside be enhanced through better design?
  • How can the County Development Plan promote improvement in the quality of the built environment in rural areas?
  • How can the County Development Plan ensure that development is appropriate

to its location?

  • How can rural housing be designed to a high standard?
  • How can the new County Development Plan support development within the smaller settlements that do not have zoning plans?
  • OTHER:

Economic, Enterprise, Tourism and Retail Development

Key Questions:

  • What are County Galway’s strengths and weaknesses regarding future enterprise and employment growth?
  • How can the County Plan support inward investment and job creation in the County and where should it be directed?
  • How can the Plan best support new and evolving work patterns which reduce the demand to travel to work, including e business and home-based activity?
  • What areas of the County have the potential to become sustainable key tourism attractions?
  • What areas within Galway have the potential to form part of the development of a comprehensive tourist trail within the County?
  • What policies should be introduced to further support town centre retailing and commercial activities that enhance the vitality and vibrancy of our town and village centres?
  • How can the Plan policies help integrate enterprise land uses with other uses
  • such as residential, transportation and tourism, etc?
  • OTHER:

Infrastructure and Transport

Key Questions:

  • How can the plan support agencies in the provision of Water and Wastewater?
  • Are there significant factors leading to deterioration in the quality of groundwater or rivers and how can these be addressed?
  • What towns and villages should be prioritised for water/wastewater improvements?
  • How can the County Development Plan make sure that there is a better co-ordination between land use and transportation facilities in order to achieve more sustainable development?
  • How can the plan best promote walking, cycling and the use of public transport?
  • How can rural transport and accessibility be improved?
  • How can the concept of “Smarter Travel” be incorporated into the plan to reduce dependence on the private car?
  • Should parking standards for new developments reflect the need to reduce car dependency?
  • How can the safety of vulnerable road users (cyclists/ pedestrians) be improved?
  • OTHER:

Environment, Renewable Energies and Communications

Key Questions:

  • What are the main environmental issues that currently face Galway?
  • What additional measures should be taken to protect the environment?
  • How can the County Development Plan address matters such as adaptation to climate change?
  • What methods should the Council encourage to maximise renewable energy provision, both for developments and individual homes?
  • Where should wind turbines be encouraged / discouraged?
  • What should the Council be doing to promote bio-energy production from waste streams, agri-food effluents, manures, municipal solid waste, sewage sludge and purpose grown energy crops?
  • How can the plan support the provision of telecommunications & broadband providers?
  • OTHER:

Architectural and Archaeological Heritage

Key Questions:

  • Is the existing level of protection for Galway’s Protected Structures, ACAs and archaeology adequate? How can it be improved?
  • How can the new County Development Plan promote awareness of the County’s past which includes Protected Structures, ACA’s and archaeology?
  • How can the new County Plan facilitate modern living standards and conveniences in some of our older buildings that are Protected Structures located in Conservation Areas?
  • Can you name any parts of County Galway that you would like to see becoming a designated ACA?
  • Can you identify any older buildings that you are aware of that are worthy of protection?
  • How can we secure the protection of our archaeological features including
  • landscapes into the future?
  • OTHER:

Social, Community and Cultural Development

Key Questions:

  • Are you satisfied with the provision of community and cultural facilities in your area?
  • What kind of community facilities would you like to see provided for in the new County Development Plan?
  • Do you think that schools and childcare facilities should be co-located?
  • What type of facilities in your view would be required in County Galway to support existing communities?
  • How can the multi-use of existing community buildings and facilities in your area be facilitated and encouraged?
  • What type of cultural and arts facilities are needed in County Galway and how can the new county development plan deliver these?
  • OTHER:

The Galway Gaeltacht

Key Questions:

  • How can we manage our cultural resources to ensure that the Gaeltacht economies and communities prosper in a sustainable manner?
  • How do you think that the Plan can support the Gaeltacht area?
  • OTHER:

Natural Heritage, Landscape and Green Infrastructure

Key Questions:

  • How can the new County Plan protect and enhance Galway’s existing natural heritage and biodiversity?
  • How can the new County Development Plan tailor its policies and objectives in a manner that will continue to protect the natural heritage including landscape while supporting sustainable development?
  • Are there any pieces of GI that you are aware of in County Galway that could be developed further to benefit the community?
  • How can the existing GI in County Galway be improved?
  • OTHER:

Agriculture, Fishing Marine and Forestry

Key Questions:

  • How can the Council support sustainable means of agriculture fishing and forestry related activities?
  • How can the County Development Plan support and encourage the development of the agri-food and related sectors?
  • How can the new County Development Plan encourage the use of land for afforestation where appropriate?
  • Can you identify areas within County Galway that you would consider appropriate land for afforestation?
  • How can the new County Development Plan manage County Galway’s maritime resources ensuring a balance is maintained between social, economic and environmental issues?
  • OTHER: