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IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY….As I went for a walk earlier this morningfinding my way into another new dayand felt the cold of the winter breezeand the emergence of another Lockdownbegin to come in along my prom walk,I prayed and reflectedas I walkedand thoughtthat In any worrying, depressing, hurtful, abusive or dark time in our lives,and I know I have dealt personally with many of them on my journey of life,there is a tendency to fear and lose our faithover how much is wrong, evil or unmended,in this our world and indeed this our life.I Thought that at times as I wonder,how did I end up here??How did I get lost or lose faith?How do I get home or find my shoreline again?But please, I beg you and pray for you and myselfthat we will not focus on that.There is a tendency to feel down,hurt, afraid, helpless, depressed or lostby dwelling on what is outside our reach,by what cannot yet be,by the unknowns of lockdowns.Do not focus there.That is like trying to kick the ball or throw the ball longwhile playing against the strongest windonly for the wind to blow the ball back to us or even back past us.We are neededand in many cases so loved,held and cared forthat is all we can knoweven though at times we feel the cold of the nightis always around and within us.And though we meet resistance,hurt, fear and feel lost at times,we more so will meet great souls who will hail us,love us and guide us,and we will know them when they appear.Didn’t you say you were a believer?Didn’t you say you prayed?Didn’t you say you had faith?Didn’t you say you pledged to listen to a voice greater?Didn’t you ask for grace?Don’t you remember that to be in grace means to submit to the voice greater?Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once,but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach,the part that we come in contact with in our daily living.Any small, loving, caring, compassionate, merciful,prayerful and calm thing that one soul can do to help another soul,to assist some portion of this poor suffering world,will help immensely.It is not given to us to know which acts or by whom,will cause the critical mass to tip towardan enduring good and peace.What is needed for dramatic changeis an accumulation of acts, adding,then adding more and then continuing.We know that it does not take “everyone on Earth”to bring justice, faith, equality, love and peace,but only a small, determined groupwho will not give up during the first, second, or hundredth gale.One of the most calming,revitalising, refocusing and powerful actions you can do,to intervene in a stormy worldor to make the storm within you and without,is to stand up and show your own soul.A Soul for example,is like a shining light on the deck of a ship at sea that shines like gold in dark times.The light of the soul actually the light of your soulthrows sparks,can send up flares,builds signal fires,causes proper matters to catch fire.To display the lantern of soul in shadowy times like these of lockdowns and restrictions,to be fierce and to show mercy, love, care, compassion toward others,all are acts of immense bravery, kindness, empathy and greatest necessityduring these worrying and strange times.Struggling souls like mine a lot of the timecatch light from other souls who are fully litand willing to show it.If you would help to calm the tumult,this is one of the strongest things you can do.There will always be times when you feel despair,discouraged, lost, hurt, afraid, depressed and all at sea.I too have felt despair,discouraged, lost, hurt, afraid, depressed and all at sea, many times in my life,even recently and more constantly latelybut I do not keep a chair for it;I try so hard not to entertain it.I try not to allow it to eat from my plateor drink from my cup.I pray that this cup is taken away from meif possible or if it is allowed.The reason is this:In my uttermost bones I know something,as do you and if we are honest we all do at times.It is that there can be no despairwhen you remember why you came to Earth,who you serve, and who sent you here.The good words we sayand the good deeds we do are not ours:They are the words and deeds of the One who brought us here.In that spirit,I hope you will write this on your wall:When a great ship is in harbor and moored,it is safe, there can be no doubt.But that is not what great ships are built for.This comes with much love and a prayerthat you remember who you came from,and why you came to this beautiful,needful Earth.I said a prayer to Our God for everyone this morningas I walked that God and Our Lady will always help everyonebut especially those most in need in our worldto find a way to another day.May we be ever conscious of your radiant love for us.May our lives reflect more of that love,as we lean into you and live out your eternal planfor these our lives and our loved onesthat you have gifted usand many of the most beautiful ones you have called back home againalthough we will never fully understand why..We seek your presence, O God,not because you are ever absent from usbut because often we are absent from youat the heart of each momentwhere you forever dwell.In the rising of the sun,In the unfolding colour and shape of each morningopen our eyes to the mystery of this present momentthat in every moment of these our days on our life journey’smay know your life,giving presence in our’s.Open our eyes to this momentthat in every momentwe may know Youas the One who is always now.I walked along the same prom shoreline this morningthat although I know very wellalways seems to be differentand throws up new and varied thoughts and prayersfrom previous walks of the same route.Some parts of this Prom walk journey like my own Life journeywas slow going for mebut as always no matter what the weatheris ever so scenic whether its daylight or nighttimeSome of the time on my walk along the promI fly along not noticing too much.Then sometimes there are amazing sightsto behold and to wonder at.Sometimes it’s awful windy.Sometimes awful wet weather.Sometimes it’s awful dark.Sometimes the flicker of light tries to shine thruSometimes the sun shines so radiantlySometimes the experience is ecstasyand other times it’s pure hardshipand a tough slogbut it is always prayerfuleven if I am out of breathand i can’t speak any wordsthen it’s my actions are the prayers….a bit like my life’s journey so farmade up of joyful and sorrowful mysterieswith the mysteries of light flickeringin and out now and thenwith much hope of glorious ones at the end.Although everything looks new on the journeyeach time I walk the promthe direction or route is the same but also on this journey of life.On the last few meters of the walk this early morningthe sunrise filtered through and was radiantand I could see the beautiful shape of Burren across the BayMajestic, awesome and ancient Hills and Mountains.A backdrop to my thoughts, prayers and musings as I walked.All this happening as the sun risingbegan to light up everything in its way.Another extraordinary early morningon another Prom walk full as usual of different messages,Of People.Of Family.Of Awareness.Of Running.Of Walking.Of Looking.Of Listening.Of Noticing.Of Dreams.Of Hope.Of Perseverance.Of Prayer.Of Mystery.Of Community.Of Watching.Of Strength.Of Courage.Of Worry.Of Darkness.Of Light.Of Beauty.Of Togetherness.Of Fraternity.Of Friendship.Of Justice.Of Equality.Of Suffering.Of Fear.Of Loss.Of Wonder.Of Nature.Of Light.Of Love.Of Country and Nations.Of Colours.Of Encouragement.Of Community.Of Unity.Of Compassion.Of Charity.Of Acceptance.Of Majesty.Of Awe.Of Completion.Of Joy.Of Prayer.And of me on a familiar route to a familiar destination.God with me.And all please God shall be well.You asked me this morningas I walked dear Lord as you do everydayin my morning and night prayers to place my hand within yours.To Walk into the beauty of this new moment.To walk with you in prayer and wondermentalong the prom, hills, pathways, byways and roadwayson the way to Galway Bayand this our journey of Life.Held.Hugged.Loved.Cared for.Free to be all that you made me and us to be.No mistakes.Cherished loved ones of yours.Grasp your hands you sayas though it held my and all our heartsand for me and us to know that we all are loved.Loved deeper than our minds and heartscan ever fathom by you O Lord.I pray for us all to let this prayer and awarenessand annunciation moment soak in and believe in it.Help us always to Walk gently and humblyas much as possible through each day.To not rush.To take time to pause,to listen, to be aware, to love, to share, to support,to volunteer, to pray, to encourage, to nurture,to help the sick, the homeless, the abandonedand those most in genuine need in our world,to accept, to breathe, to live,And take the next step.Step into the unknown, the beautiful and the broken places.Let God hold our hands and sayIt’s going to be okay.For there are days that we will enter into and dance.There are days when we will enter into and limp.There are days when we will enter into and cry.And days when we will enter into and rejoice.There are days when we do not know how it will happen or what will happen.And so we wait.And then please God we will soarand enter this day with a joy filled abandonment.With a heart bent toward You.With faces turned toward all that is good, holy, and life giving!Let your life be lifted on the winds of the Holy Spirit of God.Whether the skies are blue or dark before you,know that you are held. And Soar!And as the patron Saint of Life’s journeys and pilgrim voyages St. Brendan prayed,”Help me to journey beyond the familiar and into the unknown.Give me the faith to leave old ways and break fresh ground with You.Christ of the mysteries, I trust You to be stronger than each storm within me.I will trust in the darkness and know that my times, even now, are in Your hand.Tune my spirit to the music of heaven, and somehow, make my obedience count for You.Is it time to set sail with God?To leave what you know behind,trusting the Holy Spirit to guide you to where that unique “to you” space is being prepared by God,that is just right for you?God of all places.God of all times.God in the dark places.As we swing toward the short lightOf solstices.Shorter days.Longer nights.Depths.And hope.Set our faces toward you.That we will see your glory.Holy Spirit of God.Like the tide, roll in.Powerful.Steady.Wild.Life giving.Over and over.Waves of your presence.That drench us.Take our breath away.And fill us.Your dear presence drip from all our limbs.And may we, the loved, inhale, plant our feet, link arms, hold hands,together leaving no one behind, prepare.Rejoice.Dive deep.Be carried in the waves of your presence.”On this morning walk I may well have been going at a slow pace,but I choose to rejoice in each step.To be thankful for my God.To be thankful for the great family, friends and people and communities in my lifeWalking hand in hand,together on the road I realise there are days,When we look in one direction and see beauty.Imagine quiet.Knowing full well that our ears are full of the noises of life.And it is messy behind us.Around us are all the calls that demand our attention.Yet still we look.If only for a moment.Toward beauty and calm.Toward peace.Towards equality.Towards togetherness.Towards healing.Towards forgiveness, compassion and mercy.Towards acceptance and real love and care.Toward intentional breathing.Toward God.And just for a moment the noise and the mess fades.And we remember that we are held.When the road is rocky, ~ pause us, oh God ~May we sense youWhen the journey is hard work ~ slow us, oh God ~ May we see youWhen life feels overwhelming ~ hold us oh God ~ Breathe peace into our heartsOpen our eyes to the beauty of your essence within us.The treasure of your presence.Let us see ourselves the way you see us.And as we do,empower us to live our lives with a renewed vision based on all we are and can be,and to always remember that one way to see beauty is the ability to see it in othersRest this body now within your care.Rest this mind now within your care.Rest this spirit now within your care.Rest this soul now within your care.This heart is yours God.This now tired being is your’s God.I inhale. Your peace within.I exhale. Your peace all about.Circle me God, with your tender presence.Circle me God, enfold me with your peace.Hold me God, whisper your presence..Lord make us instruments of your peace.Help us to sow all that is pleasing to you.That faith, hope, love, joyfulness, compassion, mercy, light and forgivenessshine in a world that often feels opposed to you.Spark us alive to live each day as Christ would have us do.Giving of ourselves.For we all are so deeply interconnected;we have no option but to love all.Be kind and do good for any one and that will be reflected.The ripples of the kind heart are the highest blessings of the Universe.And to remember sometimes all we have are tears,yet even our tears can be prayersand after shedding a few for loved ones on this my morning walk,please Lord hear mine…what challenges,what happiness,what difficultieswhat distances,what sore feet,what time,what sadness,what happiness,what joy,what calmness,what family,what friends,what rural and urban lands,what victories and losses,what problems and difficulties,what moments,what kindness,what waves,what trials,what hills,what mountains,what streams,what events,what roads and pathways,what work,what prayer,what opportunities,what love,what ups and downs,I ask each morning and night before I walk, “Do you have time for me to look upon your face My God on this daily walk?”What words either whispered, prayed for people that asked me to pray for them or cried for them or shouted for them wakes me or makes me listen to your call?As I walk, no as I stroll, but longing to dwell,I wonder by following that call will it be worth it in the end?Will the dawning of this new day,another new beginningraise me upand raise my spirit high,as the breeze blows across my brow as I walkedThe wetness of the rain glistens in the moonlightas it draws a new picture on the pathand walkways of the way during this night walk hoping that it will leadinto the beginning of another new day,As I walk, no I stroll, and as the distance goes on I crawl, but always longing to dwell,along some road some scene,and hoping and praying for a new day like no other,looking out on the beauty of nature as I walk no matter what type of weather I face at this time of the year,in the quietwith eyes wide openand ears listeningas a pilgrim not just a walkeron life’s journey,listening,for your Voice,for your word,for your Call,for your Courage,for your Protection,for your Truth,for your Guidance,for you Wayfor your Body and Blood,for whatever you want me to do on this new day…Agnus Dei…..What things on my life journey do you have in store for me, my Lord and my God?What new insights are you giving to me,to do,to live,to help,to pray,to become,to be,to love my dear family and friendsespecially those unwell and sick in hospital or at homewho are walkers regularly at times with mewith our ups and downsboth physically and mentallyand to help and love my fellow travellers from every walk of life,who are all created in your own image and likeness on this new day,As I walk, no as I stroll and longing to dwell,along this great gift that you have given the people of Ireland which is its beautiful sceneryas I continue to feel the breeze and at times heat from the sun and other times wetness from the rain on my brow?As the many types of birds flitter in and out of the skyand sing and call in harmony,I wonder more what you might have instore for meon this another new beginning on another thank god new day,As I walk, no as i stroll and longing to dwell.This is the day you have madeor are about to let me journey on,please let me live it according to your willand thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so,to feel the Galway Bay Sea breeze and spray blow upon my browand see once again the moon rising across Galway Bay as I finish my nightly pilgrimage.As I walk, no as I stroll and longing to dwellhere on this very life giving and special holy place,The Prom Walk looking out on Galway Bay….The greatest achievement begins with a single dream and prayer…….You see, it doesn’t matter at what stage of your life you begin,what does matter is that you do begin.If you want to make your dream and prayer a reality,there is no better time like the present to get started……get busy now getting started…Happy are those who dream dreams or pray prayersand even more happier are those who try to achieve them or do some action about them……a few candles lit for everyone’s intentions especially for all our frontline workersand for those who are sick or unwell in hospital or at home or anyone in need of a prayer or a candle lighting at this time,especially for all our frontline workers who are our angels here on earthduring these worrying and strange timesPlease God help our morning prayer walkto make a difference to many peoples, children and families life’sthat we don’t even knowbut we want to help and support locally, nationally and globally….Amen