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Course: Personal Development Online                    Tutor: Sara Slattery                           Re SICAP 70

1. Did you enjoy the course? Please detail why you did or did not enjoy the course?    Yes, i did. I realized how to improve and  motivate to myself.   I enjoyed the course because Sara made it  very clear what she was going to be talking about and I found that helpful.   I really enjoy the course. The atmosphere was amazing because of the topic.   Yes, something different, easy to access as it was on zoom. Zoom was also handy for me as if I was in a hurry I didn’t have the excuse that I was wasn’t ready had my makeup on etc as no1 could see me.     Yes I did, I found Sara very easy to listen too, I found it interesting, made you think about things in a different light. I know now when fear is holding me back, I have the tools to try manage it.     Yes I enjoyed the course; I thought Sara was very nice and easy to listen to.     Very much so.   I really enjoyed the course. It was clearly structured and we were given lots of support at the beginning so we all knew how to be part of the group. I liked the way Sara made sure the online environment was safe for all of us. For example when she did not know who logged in asked to identify themselves. I liked the way Freeda was on hand during the sessions to sort out issues in the background so the sessions could run smoothly. I found the reminders of session via text very useful as well especially in the current climate.    
2. Was the course what you expected? Yes, it was.   I had no idea what to expect.   I did not have any expectations.     I didn’t know if it was something, I would enjoy initially but I am glad I did it. It was what I expected but I think I got more outa it than I expected.     To be honest I didnt know what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed it     Wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I had never done anything like this before.     Not sure what the course was about at first   I didn’t quite know how this will work. What I expected was we will know how to look at ourselves and   how we will go about figuring out our next move in life in general. The course gave us great tools to do this.        
3. Would you recommend this course to a friend? If yes or no please detail why.   Yes, I would. Sometimes we forget ourself and we evolve unhappy, cheerless person. We have to remember who are we. This course reminds us this.     Yes .It was easy to follow and because we were sent the slides by email after so I could look at them in my own time and do some homework for myself.   Definitely, I will recommend it. It is worth to sit and think about yourself deeper. .     Yes, it was nice to have a hour to myself and enjoyed the experience.   Yes i would, it makes to you think about things,e.g your inner critic, the voice in your head that stops you doing stuff, gives you the tools to over come this voice   Yes I would recommend it as they would learn a great deal from it.     Yes, as it really makes you look at yourself as a person.   Yes, absolutely. Because it can be applied to many areas of your life. You don’t have to do separate ones for every area of your life.    
4. If someone was reluctant to do this course what would you say to encourage them ?   Give it a go, what would you lose?   It can be done anonymously, the only person that knows who you are is the tutor, she is very nice makes you feel comfortable, if you have a question it can be asked privately.     I would say that I learned a lot about myself from doing the course and to have an open mind about it.     Everyone should do something nice for yourself and be open for the little challenge     What have you to loose??   Id say give it ago, nothing to lose. That they will definitely take something from it.   I would say it is something for you, and it may give you some help and support in your life going forward, and make various changes in your life.   I would tell them that this course will put you in charge. It is all about you and how to apply skills and techniques that you can take off the shelf whenever needed. You can use what you have learned to every aspect of your life. Key issues are discussed that will come up time and time again.       
5. Do you think this course is better delivered online or in a classroom setting, please give reason why?     This depends on the individual, for me zoom is good , as I said you can ask questions anonymously that i might not ask in a classroom setting.   Definitely online because people feel safer in their home and in some cases don’t want open in front of other     I think it was better online as you could ask questions to Sara privately. So I wasn’t afraid to ask in case other participants thought they were silly questions.        I think it was an advantage to me to do online,hadnt to think about childcare, didnt have to travel, could still ask questions and privately if you wished.   I liked it on line as I felt it made it more personal.   Really enjoy he online version, as I t was less distraction, and it focused more on the individual, as well as letting you ask for help privately if would had an issue or query   In my opinion, online is better way because I felt more comfortable with the turn off microphone and camera.If I had not been alone in the exercise sections, I wouldn’t have been comfortable and I couldn’t get performance from the course.     I think there is positive for both. It can be more anonym and more accessible online. I think shy people might prefer online. Also we could just listen and did not talk so It is great for people with difficulties speaking in English. However it is up to us to minimise interruptions which can be hard at times. On the other hand going to a classroom would get us out of the house and meet with people and it is better for people who don’t know about technology or don’t have fast internet. All in all I liked the online version.    
6. How was the overall Online Training Experience?   It ‘s good, comfortable. I liked it.   Brilliant experience   Very good   Very good. Zoom was totally new to me, but after the 1st or 2nd time using it, I felt fine with it. I got great help from Freeda with signing on with Zoom   Positive   Very rewarding, it also gave me a feel for online training going forward and to know I can do this kind of training   Had a great time. I felt welcome. We had a nice group and interacted in the chatbox.