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Whether you believe in it or not the law of attraction exists in the same way the law of pure potentiality does and numerous other laws often referred to as spiritual laws.  Yes that’s right, the laws of the universe are operating 24/7 in all timezones equally.  The question becomes “Are YOU working in harmony with the laws?’

What I mean is are you thinking about what you want right now as opposed to what you don’t want?  Is your focus on external circumstances that you cannot control?  Are you feeling somewhat paralysed by the economic repercussions of the current pandemic and the impact it is having on your income and lifestyle?  That is completely acceptable when you don’t understand the Laws of the Universe and in particular the Laws of Vibration and Attraction and perhaps more importantly how your subconscious mind influences the results you are experiencing in your life.

Opportunities are right where you are

I am not dismissing the situation and let’s face it, life is very different than it was and we are all affected in some way. You might think I’m crazy but what I’m saying is absolutely true.  The people who have overcome recessions and financial downturns look for the circumstances to achieve their goals and dreams and if they can’t find them they create them.


That is an ATTITUDE and it separates the winners from the losers whether you’re in business or in a relationship.  Your attitude is the composite of your thoughts, feelings and actions and will cause you to either thrive or barely survive unless you make a conscious choice to study yourself and make the necessary changes.  I’ve always loved the idea that if one other person can do what I want to do, then it’s possible for me too.

You may need to uplevel your skills but more importantly you need to uplevel your thinking.  You might be wondering how this relates to the laws I mentioned earlier.  Well the truth is what I’m about to share with you has everything to do with attracting to you what you deeply desire.  I want to show you HOW to do it effectively but I want you to really understand it so you have a successful outcome every time you apply it.

How it Works

Everything that comes into your life comes with the proper use of your mind.  It is largely agreed that you become what you think about most, whatever you put your attention on grows.  You are so much more than what you see reflecting back to you in the mirror. Please understand that you operate on three planes of existence.

1. You are Spiritual

2. You live in Physical body

3. You have an Intellect

Your essence is divine perfection, it doesn’t require any modification, it is your essential nature and from within that realm you have infinite potential.  Furthermore, you are a mass of energy and you function on frequencies.  Everything in the universe vibrates and operates at different speeds of energy.

Let’s come to the mind.  The difficulty most people have with regards the mind is that we’ve never seen it.  Interestingly, the mind thinks in pictures, yet there is no photographic evidence of the mind.  Many confuse the brain for the mind but the brain is no more your mind than your elbow is.  Your mind is movement, consciousness in motion and exists in every molecule of your body.


There are two parts to the mind that we’ll discuss here, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.  The conscious mind is often referred to as the thinking mind or intellect, while the subconscious mind as the emotional or spiritual mind.

As little babies we only had a subconscious mind and as such every thing that was going on around us was absorbed there.  Every event and experience good or bad was recorded in our subconscious mind and we didn’t have the ability to reject it, we had to accept it because the subconscious mind has no ability to discern right from wrong or real from imagined.

As a mindset mentor and clinical hypnotherapist, the work I do with clients is in helping them to go to the source of their emotional pain in order to release it and all the deeper work of the therapy is in communicating under hypnosis with the subconscious mind allowing the conscious mind to be bypassed.

Just to make an important point here, please know the beliefs you hold about yourself were formed many years earlier when you were a small child and overtime have become a habitual way you see yourself.  This influences your self-image, the opinion you have of yourself. Bear with me, this will all start to make sense shortly.  Your opinion of you and the way in which you think about yourself, is causing the results you currently have and is either holding you back during this pandemic or causing you to pivot and look for more favourable circumstances.

Your conscious mind has six higher faculties :

  1. Perception
  2. Will
  3. Reason
  4. Memory
  5. Imagination
  6. Intuition

Most people have never been taught to use them and live predominantly from their five senses alone which is to say, from the outside in, rather than inside out.  So when an idea comes to you about something you would like to be, do or have, your conscious mind has the ability to accept it or reject it.  With your reasoning factor you may decide that you want it and you begin to impress this idea upon your subconscious mind which readily accepts it.

Pay close attention now… it is at this point that your current belief system, your self-image or what we like to call the Paradigm starts to cause havoc and put up a wall of reasons and excuses as to why it cannot be done.  This causes you to experience a negative vibration.  If you remain in this state, your dream will be deleted and you’re back to the start.  You must change your Paradigm.

  • Go back to what you want and focus on it.
  • Build an image of what you want in your mind.
  • Ignore what’s going on around you.
  • Believe you can do it.
  • Feel it in your body that you can.
  • Shift your energy to the same energy of the thing you want. (THIS IS WHEN THE ATTRACTION STARTS!!!)
  • Stay there.
  • Receive it.

NOTE – When your energy matches the energy of your desire (The Law of Vibration) you become in harmony with it and coupled with unshakeable belief you can have it. You have to trust the process. Believe the resources, money and support will come.

Your job right now is to :

1. Name Your Deepest Desire

2. Decide you’re going to align with it no matter what

3. Realise that Dream…

Steve Jobs said – “ You cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.”

There are so many things you can do, you have infinite potential.  Here’s what the Law of Compensation decrees – You can earn whatever you want when –

●  There’s a need for what you do.

●  You’re ability to do it, and

●  The difficulty there is in replacing you.

Personally, I’ve changed careers multiple times.  I’ve never allowed anyone or anything to stop me. Some thought I was crazy, I say, I’d be crazy if I had listened to the objections!

You have one life.

You were born with infinite potential.

You are unique just like a fingerprint or snowflake.

There is no-one else alive who can do things the way you do.

Look for the opportunities right now.  Create your own economy.  Look for the good and you will find it. There truly are gifts within every challenge, take full responsibility for your life today and if that means you have to upskill, may I suggest that you add personal development to your manifestations and goals list.

Remember when you are in vibrational harmony with your desires, through the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction, your desires come to you.  You are in the flow.  You are a magnet for manifesting an amazing life.

I will leave you with one more quote – “ The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself.  The more you learn, the more you earn.” – Warren Buffet

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