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Let’s get
Children Gardening
Hi JosetteWith children off for the Easter holidays and the weather improving, let’s get them outside in the fresh air and getting dirty in the soil.

It is a known fact that the child who grows the fruit eats the fruit.Plants such as strawberries and tomatoes are so easy to plant and grow, your little ones will be delighted to eat and share their harvest.
Strawberry plantsEaster is the perfect time to plant and grow Strawberries, Blueberries and Raspberries, and Sweet Tomatoes (Supersweet, Sweet Aperitif, Sunbaby) – they can all be grown in pots now. You will need:compostpotstrowelfeedfruit plants 
Sowing Seeds. Fun seeds to grow are Pumpkin seeds and Sunflowers seeds. Both of these have a fun return. Pumpkins for Halloween or seeing how tall can your sunflower grow over the Summer? You will need:compostpotstrowelfeedseeds
Simply sow the seeds in moist compost on your windowsill indoors (cover with cling film)
Seeds will sprout in 10 days – Allow to grow on a bright windowsill and plant out in May.Enjoy your very own Pumpkin and Sunflower patch this Summer and Autumn. Top Learning Tip:
Sunflowers offer pollen and nectar for bees during the Summer and sunflower seeds offer high-protein for garden song birds in Autumn.
Herbs & Spices can be grown in pots on windowsills. Children can easily water and trim these plants. They offer great scents and taste. Children can use these when helping with cooking. You will need:compostpotsseeds/plantsKitchen Herbs
Easter is also the perfect time to plant your favourite Five a day. Select the popular family vegetables and salad plants. Together as a fun activity plant a selection of both plants and seeds now indoors and outdoors. Remember many edibles can be grown in window boxes – patio pots or raised beds.In a few weeks, salads, herbs and fruit can be hand-picked from pot to plate. Watch their little faces as they are delighted with their work.
Other Gardening tasks Children can get invloved with:Weeding – Garden beds need to be cleaned, with weeds and dead flower heads to be pulled. Raking and turning the soil.Hanging Baskets – Planting up baskets with Petunias, Begonias, Geraniums and Fuchsias is a really fun activity for all.The garden centres are full of plants and special offers right now. This too can be a fun activity, selecting what to plant. Whatever activity you decide, we hope you have fun and get dirty in the soil. Share your fun gardening activities with us on social media. We love to see what you’re planting and growing.