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Of silver hair, and silver tongue that was the man we knew.
And each one has their own story to remember him that’s true.
Mine is of that trucker man who hailed from Castlegar.
And being acquainted with him in Paddy Lydons Bar

But your memories are your own ones, some will always come to mind
When his name is often mentioned for that’s what he leaves behind.
You may think of him at different times as that unique someone
That friend, that colleague, neighbour, husband, father, brother, son.

That friend, his good friends got to know and no matter right or wrong
It felt good to have him in your lives you were glad he did belong.
That colleague you shared time with, who worked hard and played his part.
All of you have your own thoughts of him engraved now in your heart.

That neighbour he had welcome for at the Hillside in Knockdoe.
You will not forget Him ever, you knew Mike too well I know.
That Husband will be talked about by his beloved Wife
As she treasures every memory that she holds of him for life.

Those Brothers he grew up with and his sisters will recall,
his youthful days when strong and wild, when he thought he knew it all
Oh that Son forever will be loved and prayed for every day
by the Parent who believed her boy was the best in every way.

The Father of the children all so proud he was their Dad.
Each one happy that he shared with them many special times they had.
That old acquaintance gone now who had Grá beyond compare
Always happy in a field of green tending Pony, Foal or Mare

So he will not be forgotten because every now and then,
There will be reminders of him that will take us back again.
That character who had his say in many a debate,
In company with dear old mates until the hour was late.

He will be thought of down the line, be it morning, noon or night.
And everyone so fond of Him will say Mike was sound alright.
So let us raise that parting glass and bid one last Adieu
To that man of silver hair and tongue from all he ever knew.

by Noreen Burke, Knockdoe, January 2016