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A Fashion Show was held in JPK’s Country Boutique recently. Two members of our editorial team attended on the night and were very impressed by many aspects of the event. Firstly and probably most importantly the clothes! There was a wonderful collection of Spring and Summer wear in warm, bright colours. Most of the style was very smartly casual, but there were many outfits which would be extremely suitable for that special occasion. All the items were displayed at their best by the impressive models who graced the cat walk.

Apart from the actual Fashion Show, the night out was quite special. At the interval, everyone was treated to refreshments, including wine—mulled or otherwise, however you liked it. The cosy atmosphere of the Coffee Shop at the Country Boutique was an ideal setting for a relaxed chat. A raffle for charity, with generous prizes took place before 2nd half of the show, and afterwards the boutique opened and many people availed of the opportunity to try on the clothes. I’m sure there were many purchases made. All in all, a very enjoyable night out.

Mary Casserly