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It was indeed a rare and wonderful treat to attend the Fashion show in JPK’s garden centre recently. Upon entering the newly renovated premises, one was immediately bathed in a very relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by exotic plants and parasols—all cleverly situated in the new County Cafe, where one could relax with a cup of coffee and view the plants all around. Situated close by is the Country Boutique which stocks the most beautiful linen and cotton clothes with complimentary scarves, etc—definitely worth a visit!

Approx. 60 people attended the Fashion Show which was expertly compered by Martina Coen. The background pulsing music provided the atmosphere for the show with models Michelle, Margaret, Rhona, Fiona, Mary all doing a splendid job. The two male models Kenneth and Aidan surpassed themselves on the catwalk! They should consider going professional after this debut! The applause for all models was deafening. Ticket lady Noreen Murphy (well known to us all) was on hand to help out—missing no one on her route! What would we do without her at all—she has, as they say the knack.

A lot of interest has been expressed in the garden centre which has a great selection of plants, shrubs, etc. Check advertisement for further information.

This enterprising business venture is the brainchild of the dynamic trio—Bridget Kearney, Sinead O’Brien and Richard Kearney. Bridget has vast knowledge and experience in the garden centre, having operated it for several years. Sinead brings her love of fashion to the garden centre with the Boutique and Richard also has years of gardening experience. We wish all three of you success with this novel venture.