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There may be a recession but members of a local business initiative are working together to prove that it’s possible to succeed, using a proven approach that generates new opportunities. Business Network International’s Claregalway Chapter was set up in June 2010 with the aim of using mutual support and a structured method of networking to generate new business – and has so far produced €1.5 million worth of new contracts for its members. 

BNI’s Claddagh Chapter Director, Bernie Browne said that it made sense for business people to co-operate – and that ultimately the local economy would benefit. ‘Our approach makes use of the talent and contacts available within the chapter to produce referrals,’ she said. ‘It’s a unique but simple approach that focuses on generating new business opportunities, with proven results.

‘In the current climate, it’s vital that business people use every available means to build and sustain their operation,’ she added. ‘In a challenging period of uncertainty, our chapters provide real opportunities and offer a package of support and training to equip businesses to beat the recession. Business people in the Claregalway area looking to generate new business for their firms are very welcome to join us,’ she added.

BNI was launched 24 years ago by marketing guru Dr Ivan Misner and has grown into a hugely successful global business network. Its approach has taken the business community by storm, with over 100,000 members in 5,000 local groups – or ‘chapters’ – in 40 countries. The organisation has over 2,000 members in Ireland who benefit from a structured, positive and supportive environment for networking and referrals.

Chapter members work together to provide business referrals for members of the group, using the philosophy of ‘Givers Gain’ – by giving you business, you’ll give me business. The model works on the proven basis of word of mouth referrals and a unique, structured approach to networking and business generation. BNI is a unique, structured approach to networking and business generation where only person from any specific trade or profession is represented in each Chapter.

The Claddagh Chapter is holding a Visitor information evening on Monday, 17th September at 6:30pm in the Claregalway Hotel and local business people interested in visiting can contact Bernie Browne, Chapter Director on 087 957 4350 or email to [email protected]