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Claregalway Skin Care & Aromatherapy Clinic, Kiniska, Claregalway

Superfluous hair is very much a personal perception. What is normal to some women, others are frantically trying to rid themselves of. The longest lasting hair removal method is waxing which can be done with either hot wax or cold strips.

For convenience, the strips are streets ahead of the hot wax method, but whichever method you opt for, make sure you follow the instructions exactly.

Waxing is excellent for legs, bikini line, underarm and lip and chin. The hairs must be allowed to grow at least a quarter of an inch in between treatments so that the wax has something to grip. There is no pain after waxing, although sometimes the pores look red for a few hours. After waxing, the new growth will feel much less stubby than it does after shaving or depilatory cream. After some time, the hair growth is thinning out in patches.

The advantages of waxing are:

  • Large areas of unwanted hair may be removed in one session giving instant results.
  • It is not very expensive treatment.
  • Only slight discomfort is experienced if treatment is carried out by a capable beauty therapist.
  • Re-growth of hair is fine and feels soft in texture
  • Waxing is ideal for Summer months or those going on holidays, as re-growth does not appear for 4–6 weeks.

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