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ESB powerline pylons—Are you aware of the real costs?

Are they coming to a town near you?

Are you aware that 1 in 3 people in this country will develop cancer?

Are you aware that the air you breathe within 500m of high voltage powerlines can seriously damage you health?

Are you aware that recent conclusive evidence links childhood leukaemia with high voltage powerlines?

Are you aware that mouth cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, depression and other illnesses are associated with high voltage powerlines?

Are you aware that ESB are using old discredited technology in the form of pylons to transmit power?

Are you aware that modern technology buries powerlines? (ie. Australia, America, Sweden, Germany, and Denmark).

Are you aware of the unsightly monsters that will be marching across our beautiful countryside?

Are you aware that they will significantly devalue your property?

All this in the middle of a Celtic Tiger? Who is reaping the benefits or do people no longer matter? Are we paying taxes for the improvement of our tomorrow? They say we are part of Europe, well, in Europe and other countries, powerlines are insulated and placed safetly underground, why should Ireland accept anything less?

We are demanding that the ESB bury those powerlines before they bury us!