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On foreign travels we are all too aware of some of the illnesses encountered, so a checklist of preparations, which might be useful to have with you, follows.

  • Diarrhoea remedy such as Arret and rehydration sachets e.g. dioralyte.
  • Travel sickness tablets e.g. Stugeron, Sealegs, and Joyrides. Obviously useful on rough sea crossings.
  • Indigestion remedy e.g. Pepcid, Acidopine or Zantac are the better OTC preparations.
  • Insect repellent e.g. Autan products.
  • Bite and sting relief cream Anthisan cream in conjunction with an antihistamine tablet e.g. Zirtek.
  • Painkillers

Sun care products to include sun block, parasol 20 is useful for children as it doesn’t require frequent applications, lip salve, after sun lotion and cold sore treatment e.g. Zovirax cream.

To minimize risk of infection or discomfort, be aware of the risks associated with spicy foods, excess alcohol, shellfish, unwashed salads, unpeeled fruits, ice cubes made from tap water and tap water.

Also on traveling to tropical areas it is important to be aware of malaria and other diseases, which may require vaccination or prophylactic treatment before travel.

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