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Claregalway Agricultural Show

Preparations and plans are well under way by Claregalway Agricultural Show. the Show Queen has already been selected and the title for 2004 goes to Samantha Murphy, Cregboy, Claregalway. Samantha was presented with a perpetual trophy and a crystal vase at a function in Terry Brennan’s Central Tavern, Loughgeorge on behalf of Tom Dempsey Interiors, Oranmore Business Park, Oranmore. The Committee is deeply grateful to Tom Dempsey for his continuing support to the show every year.

There will be over 200 classes this year consisting of Horses, Ponies, Donkeys, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Dogs, Pets, Home Baking, Jams, Crafts, Farm Produce, Photography, Flowers, Art and several classes for children.

The show will host qualifying classes for the Leitrim Irish Draft Breeders Championship, the Sweeney Oil International Ridden/Performance Registered Connemara Pony Championship, the FBD Connacht Champion Irish Draft Foal Championship and the “Gowla It’s Cool” Championship.

Claregalway Show is a day out for all the family. The Obstacle Course for dogs is increasing in popularity each year and the Donkey Derby is a major attraction. Other competitions taking place throughout the day are Bonny Baby, Junior Miss and Mister, Twins, Best Dressed Lady and Glamorous Granny. Various side-shows will take place throughout the day.

For further information, please contact 091-799098.

Claregalway Hotels

The development of the Hotels at Claregalway has brought a new impetus to the rapidly growing Claregalway area. The opening of the Arches Hotel which has replaced the Nine Arches Bar in Claregalway created a buzz of excitement in mid July. The new premises which is part of a major development by Glenman Construction along with the Dunleavy consortium provides a huge change from the days when Bina Lenihan’s public house was the only public house at that end of Claregalway village. It is believed that pig markets were once held at Lenihans which was, at one time, the site of the fair in Claregalway. The Nine Arches Bar which was erected by Bob and Kathleen Dunleavy, replaced Bina’s popular pub and now under the watchful eye of a new generation of the family, Sean Dunleavy has brought the start of a new dimension to the area. Located directly opposite the beautifully renovated Nine Arches, The Arches Hotel is aptly named.

A week later the luxurious Claregalway Hotel which has been developed under Rooaunmore resident Walter King and GK Developments, officially opened its doors. The forty eight bedroom Claregalway Hotel and Escape Leisure complex is a massive development, with forty eight bedrooms and an excellent leisure complex and with the River Bistro which open’s daily from 6-00 p.m. offering the finest modern and traditional cuisine and the luxury Waterdale suite which caters for weddings and private banquets for up to 300 people and conferences for up to 450 people. Escape Leisure at the Claregalway Hotel brings health & leisure into the future. Advice or instruction on whatever way a person chooses to keep fit, will be available at Escape Leisure. With membership limited to ensure members receive maximum benefit of the club in peaceful and calm surroundings, the extensive facilities include an 18 metre pool, children’s pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, 4000 sq ft Gymnasium, Aerobics & Exercise studio, Beauty & Treatment Rooms, Sports Injuries Clinic, Tanning Centre a Child care centre and Coffee shop.

Hotel Manager Paul Gill and his wife Nora look forward to catering for the people of the area and beyond. Nora, who was formally Nora Francis from Waterdale and having worked in the hospitality and catering business for several years, is delighted to have this facility in her native Claregalway. Paul Gill carries with him a wealth of experience in the Hotel Business. A leading graduate from the Shannon College of Hotel Management, Paul emigrated to work abroad and spend several years working in the Hotel and Catering Business in Zurich, Southampton and London, before returning to Galway, where he took up the position as Assistant Manager of the Connemara Coast Hotel. Later, he moved to take the position of Assistant Manager of the luxurious Ardilaun House Hotel, a position he held until he took over this position of Manager at the Claregalway Hotel. Paul and Nora paid tribute to all involved in the construction, layout and design from the start to the end, which has produced an excellent and high standard of craftsmanship.

Seventy one people, between part time and full time, are employed at the Claregalway Hotel and Paul is extremely proud of the fact that the vast majority of them are from County Galway, with many from the local hinterland. It is expected that another ten people will be employed with the opening of the Leisure Centre shortly.

Claregalway Hotel will no doubt provide major changes in the rapidly developing country area, which now boasts of relaxing surroundings and state of the art facilities and yet only six miles from the hustle and bustle of city life. There is no doubt that Claregalway will now be firmly on the map.

Frank Kearney

The Arches Bar & Restaurant Review

As part of the ongoing commitment of Nuacht Chláir members of the editorial team to the evaluation of local amenities for our readers, two of us decided to assess the food and ambience of the new Arches Bar & Restaurant last week. First of all, the ambience. Whilst there are one or two minor glitches to fix, the surroundings were finished to a very high standard throughout, including the toilets/washrooms. The layout is such that achieving a modicum of intimacy in the bar area was quite easy, with various nooks and crannies containing tables. We arrived around 7.45 pm, relatively early by local standards, and yet, within a few minutes of our arrival, the place started filling rapidly. The only thing to watch out for in one or two places is a cool draught from the air conditioning units. We ordered the bar food (the Restaurant evening meal menu is not yet available) and were most impressed by the alacrity with which our order was taken, and delivered. For starters, my wife ordered Crispy Garlic Mushrooms. They were superb. I ordered Galway Smokies (a sort of combination of smoked mackerel and melted cheese) – out of this world. Then to the main course. Between us, we explored Chicken Goujons, with chips and a side salad and Chicken Korma, with naan bread and rice. Both were perfectly prepared and presented and left us feeling very comfortably filled.

We had decided to risk accompanying our meal with some wine and once again we chose well. The small bottles of the house red and white were sampled and found to be very comforting, so we had another one each. Finally, replete, we had to skip any dessert and settle for a coffee. By this time, the place was really quite full and there was a very pleasant atmosphere. We were attended by Martha, our waitress. She was excellent. Swift, efficient, cheerful and anxious to ensure that everything was satisfactory. During the meal, the Food Service Manageress, Breda Walsh, came along to check that all was well. It was and I would like to congratulate Breda on doing an excellent job.

The chef is Steve Taylor. He is obviously a first class practitioner. Just to check, we went back for lunch and sure enough, the same brilliant food and superb service. Congratulations to Steve.

Verdict: A really enjoyable evening and one which we shall repeat as often as we can escape. Highly recommended. Brian Place

Holiday Healthcare Checklist

With holiday time upon us, a look at a travel kit of first aid essentials and basic remedies which may prove useful. Holidays are a time to have fun and relax but unfortunately illnesses never take a break. The sudden change in routine and unfamiliar surroundings means your body is more prone to gastrointestinal disorders.

To minimise risk of infection or discomfort, be aware of the following when on foreign travel, spicy foods, excess alcohol, shellfish, unwashed salads, unpeeled fruits or vegetables, ice cubes made from tap water and tap water.

Products you might find useful in a travel kit include a diarrhoea remedy such as Arret or Imodium plus, travel sickness e.g. Stugeron or Sea legs, an indigestion remedy e.g. Pepcid AC or Gaviscon, rehydration therapy e.g. Dioralyte important for young children, insect repellent, an antihistamine cream, e.g. Eurax cream, painkillers such as Calpol or Nurofen etc.

Protection against the sun, especially when abroad, tanning products, sun block high protection for children and babies, lip salves, after sun creams or lotions, cold sore treatment e.g. Zovirax cream.

Other items considered essentials might include the camera, film, sunglasses, and batteries. Happy holidays.

John Duffy MPSI. Claregalway Pharmacy


Picture this scene:

A group of people …
Where? New York City
When? 41 years ago
Why? Help!

A group of people gathered in a friend’s house in New York City in 1963. Each person in that room felt they needed help. Those people talked, exchanging ideas, discussing challenges, and as a result they planned to meet again the following week. What did they talk about? Why did they plan to meet again? The subject being discussed was how to get help with losing surplus weight. Each person in that room had endeavoured to lose weight with varying degrees of success. As a result of their talking about the problems they experienced, each one of them felt that being part of a group which each person had the same focus would be most helpful. So Weightwatchers was started. The lady in whose home the group met still lives in New York. Her name is Jean Nieditch. She brought together a team of experts – dieticians, nutritionists, psychologists, doctors and exercise specialists. Today Weightwatchers has classes worldwide and nationwide in Ireland. The Weightwatchers programme is based on healthy eating and moderate exercise. There are no “special” foods and no “bad” foods. The group situation is the key to success. Coming together is the beginning, working together is progress, and staying together is success.

And the good news is Weightwatchers is opening in Claregalway.

Class for Men and Women in Claregalway Hotel starting on Wednesday, September 8th at 6.30 p.m.

For further details contact Liz at 091-798328 or 085-1496987


Back in July 2002 it was predicted that the population of Claregalway would treble by the year 2006 and at the rate the village is expanding this prediction is set to become true.

The new hotels have opened up new vistas and more importantly have created local employment in the area. Progress has always been inevitable as Claregalway is already a satellite town of Galway city and the population could reach 5,000 or more within 13 years. The long awaited bypass seems to be left aside once again and concern is expressed over the constant flow of traffic which will increase with the population. As it is, the traffic is a nightmare adding to road rage, taking short cuts through side roads, etc. Can this be addressed? Only if our local councillors act on our behalf and put pressure on the Council. Claregalway will in time be a beautiful town (no longer a village) and part of the development plan is the creation of an amenity zone surrounding Claregalway Abbey thereby preserving its integrity. The plan also incorporates approx. 15 acres within the new boundaries designated for industrial and commercial use. This should create further employment in the area but unfortunately more traffic unless a traffic calming system is put in place sooner rather than later.

Councillors please take note!

Meantime, you can check Hughes Shopping Complex to see the proposed renovation plans for the Nine Arches Bridge by Claregalway Amenity Group.

Until next time,

Special News

Congratulations to the following couples who got married recently: – Andrea Day, Cregboy and Shane Colleran, Barna on the 3rd July.

Philip Cribbin, Cahergowan and Mairead Gilmartin, Enniscrone, Co. Sligo on the 1st August.

Congratulations to Fiona and Eamon Gallagher, Gortacleva on the birth of their baby daughter Ellen, a sister for Andrea and Katherine.

Birthday wishes to Mark Nash, Ballymurphy, Claregalway, who celebrates his 21st birthday on the 16th of August from his family and friends.

Willie Forde, Gortcloonmore.
Peggy Casserly, Kiniska.

Claregalway/Carnmore Senior Citizens Visit to the Dáil

Two groups of Senior Citizens and helpers made two very enjoyable visits to the Dail on May 25th and June 1st. Noel Grealish TD very kindly issued an invitation to the Senior Cizitens and he was delighted with the interest shown. Such numbers wished to go that it was necessary to split into two groups and make two separate trips.

The groups of about 50 took the early train, enjoyed their ‘picnic’ en route, and arrived in Dublin at about 10.30 a.m. They were met by Mr. Grealish TD himself at the Dail, split into two parties, and given a guided tour which was most interesting. Everyone was treated to a full lunch afterwards. Mr. Grealish remained with the groups all during the visit, and hosted the lunch, chatting with each table in turn. Everyone was delighted with the visits and many thanks are due to Mr. Grealish for his genorisity. We are all most appreciative.

The groups returned on the evening train, again sustained by a ‘picnic’ on board, and were home by about 8p.m.

Gerri McManus

Gardening Tips

If a lawn is suffering from drought, do not water because it is not worthwhile doing so – lawns recover within a short time of rain.

As the ground is at its driest of the year, it can be a good time for earth-moving prior to laying a new area of paving.

If the weather breaks during the month and plenty of rain falls, take the opportunity to get some lawn fertilizer on for late-season growth.

Remove weeds, such as cleavers, nettles and willowherb, from areas of ground cover to prevent their spread.

If grease is spilled on paving, apply detergent right away to avoid a long-lasting stain.

Select and plant autumn-planted spring bulbs as soon as they become available in the garden centres this month.

Flower seedings sown in spring or early summer can be planted out in a nursery bed or potted on to grow bigger.

Plants that produce unwatned self-sown seedlings should have the flower stalks cut away before the seeds ripen.

Bearded irises will begin regrowth soon and can be lifted and replanted, saving the fastest, most vigorous bits of rhizome.

With massive growth of flower plants and seasonally dry soil, weeds are usually not active at this time, but check the bordders in case.

Raspberries that hae finished fruiting should have the old canes pruned out, leaving the new canes for next year’s fruit.

Potato blight often does not appear until well into summer but if there are warnings, it is essential to spray.

When the fruit has been picked on a plum tree, it can have some of its brancheds shortened to keep it to a reasonable size.

Vigorous apple and pear trees that produce a lot of long, strong shoots can now have those shoots shortened or pruned away completely.

Herbs can be picked for drying or freezing, ideally before they become too mature and hard.

Pond plants, including water lilies, may become too profilic and can be reduced by pulling away large chunks.

If the flow of water in a fountain or cascade lessens, check the pump inlet for blockages and remove them.

Blanket weed forms sheets of green scum on the water and should be removed with a leaf rake

Courtesy of Irish Garden.

Claregalway/Lackagh Community Games Football

Claregalway/Lackagh Community Games football team won the county final in grand style when they beat Oughterard by 3-4 to 1-7 at Ballindereen on Saturday last (26th). Although Oughterard had a number of individual players who displayed outstanding talent, notably Niall Lee and Enda Tierney, for such a young age group (U-10), Claregalway/Lackagh were the more balanced side and fully merited their winning margin. The first half was evenly contested after an early goal by Mark Coyle gave Claregalway/Lackagh the lead. A further goal by Shane Murphy from a ’45’ lofted high into the square and ending up in the net after 15 minutes together with a point by Brian Keane gave Claregalway/Lackagh a morale boosting lead of 2-1 to 0-2 at the interval. Gary O’Connell scored a quick point on the resumption and although Oughterard responded in true fashion to cut the deficit to 4 points, Claregalway/Lackagh always looked the more likely winners as they chalked up a further 1-1 to run out convincing winners. In between our second half scores Oughterard continued to play with great heart and moved the ball quickly to end up with a flourish. Their late goal from a high ball into the square was some reward for their efforts. For Claregalway/Lackagh the half-back line of Sean Linnane, Richard Hession and Vincent Doyle played specially well while the displays of Rory Gunning in goal, Ben Creavin, Shane McHugh and subs Cian Ryder and Mark Shaughnessy also caught the eye. We convey our tributes to the team manager Michael Coyle, Joe Hennessy and helpers for their efforts and supervision of the panel in achieving this success. After the game the team mentors and parents were addressed by Community Games chief, Tony Lee, who congratulated the teams on their display, discipline and attitude throughout the competition. He said that the Games offered a very special occasion for the youngsters and that there were no losers. In thanking the backroom workers who gave so freely of their time for the enjoyment of the participants he emphasised the importance of sticking to the rules of the competition.

The medals were presented to the team panel by Richard Lee the Oughterard manager and the Mill St. Garda sponsored trophy will be presented as soon as it becomes available. The team now advances to the Connacht semi-finals and finals which will be hosted this year by Galway and which will be held in Turloughmore on July 17th. The team, mentors and parents re-assembled in the evening at the Leisure Centre and joined up with the equally victorious hurling and camogie team panels and the cavalcade of cars made a celebratory tour of Claregalway/Lackagh and surrounding areas to round off a very special day in the annals of local games and sport. To capture three county final titles in one day was a unique achievement. We wish them well.

Team: Rory Gunning, Damien Culkin, Harry Connolly, Jamie Holland, Sean Linnane, Richard Hession, Vincent Doyle, Shane Murphy, Darren Hennessy (capt), Mark Coyle, Ben Creavin, Shane McHugh, Gary O’Connell, Ronan Nash, Brian Keane.

Subs: Andrew Dolan for Ronan Nash, Kevin Brennan for Mark Coyle, Mark Shaughnessy for Jamie Holland, Cian Ryder for Andrew Dolan.

Carnmore Camogie Club

U10 – Our under 10 championship has finished. While we may have not figured in the closing stages of the championship, a lot of work has gone into the U10 team as we know these are the girls that down the road will form the backbone of our club, as they get older. A word of thanks to Maura Murphy the team manager and Dorothy Kenny who put in a big effort with this team.

How serious the club are about the U10’s is the games being arranged since the championship finished by Maura, Dorothy and Frank McHugh. Frank is the founder member of our club.

They hope to arrange games with Renmore, Salthill and Oranmore in the near future.

U14 Team – did very well. They were defeated in the County-Semi-Final by Mullagh. They played very well and represented our Club with pride. This team got great guidance from Anthony Molloy, Declan Walsh and Roddy Grealish.

Juniors – started the Championship on the 4th July against Moycullen in Carnmore pitch. They won this game with a good bit to spare.

Community games: U13 – this Claregalway/Lackagh team won and will represent Connaught in Mosney. This is a high achievemtn for the Claregalway/Lackagh arishes. Best of luck to Declan Walsh and Jerry Linnane the team managers. They have done trojan wok as have Mary Thornton and Johnny Keane.

Omission: In last month’s issue I omitted that Elaine Grealish was also on the U14 County Team. Best of luck to Elaine.

More information will follow in next month’s issue of Nuacht Chláir.

Ger Crowe, P.R.O. Carnmore Camogie Club.

Carnmore Hurling Club

It has been another very busy year for Carnmore Hurling Club. The senior team under management of Pat McCartin and selectors Jimmy Noone and Martin Leonard have had a good run in the league. They have recorded wins over Craughwell, Kilconeiron, Tynagh-Abbey/Duniry, Ballindereen and Turloughmore and a draw with Loughrea but lost to Athenry and Liam Mellows and still have to play Portumna. In the championship they had an impressive start with a good win over Ardrahan but went down badly to Gort and Portumna before bouncing back with a comprehensive victory over Abbeyknockmoy. Thrir next championship game will be a play off for a quarter final place against Athenry.

The Junior A team under management of Tommy Walsh and trainor Murty Killilea won their first three championship games against Kilconeiron, Abbeyknockmoy and Mullagh but lost to Meelick-Eyrecourt and if they beat Leitrim-Kilnadeema they will qualify for the quarter finals.

The under 21 team managed by Tomas Grealish with Paddy Conneely and Patrick Killilea as selectors lost to Kiltormer. This competition is a knockout this year but some of these players are involved with other teams they will still have some hurling to do.

The minors won against Salthill and drew against Tynagh-Abbey/Duniry , but lost to Cappatagle and Kilbacenty and still have to play Ballinasloe.

The junior C team who are managed by Brendan Dunleavey lost their opening game to Annaghdown.

Carnmore Hurling club wish to thank Ignatius Foy of Ignatius Foy construction Ltd. and the Blackrock House Hotel, Doughiska as main sponsors of the Carnmore golf am am which was held in Athenry golf club. We also thank all who sponsored and took part in the event. We also thank the committee and all who helped to make it another success.

We send our best wishes to Barry Hanley who is a member of the Galway minor team. Barry scored 1-06 against Antrim.