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April and May Course Bulletin 2011

April 30th Saturday: Soups, dips and breads – new

What you may have tried and tasted as a course participant you can now learn how to cook it yourself with Organic Centre chef Lynne Maguire

What could taste more sublime than a steaming bowl of good homemade soup except for the heavely fresh bread you’ve made to go with it! – Comfort food at it’s very best! We will show you how easy it is. Lynne from the Grass Roof Cafe will give her new course “Soups, dips and breads” on Saturday 30th April. Come along and join in for some and fantastic food. You will also learn to plan your cooking ahead and use your leftovers and thereby minimise time and waste in the kitchen.

April 30th Saturday: Organic Gardening for beginners –Grow your own food with Hans Wieland 

All you need to know to get started in one day including soil fertility, composting, seed sowing and propagation, bed preparation and a rotation plan. This is the last beginners course in the Spring. Dennis is out with a back injury and Hans, who has grown vegetables for the past 30 years is deputising. Participants will sow some seeds to take home and will greatly benefit from the various established kitchen and training gardens at the centre.

May 7th Saturday Day 4: Pest and disease control, pricking out, planting, sowing in garden and polytunnel with Ingrid Foley

Saturday 7th May: Beekeeping – an introduction –revised with Pat Finnegan  

Want to eat your own honey? Learn how to get started with information on buying a hive and colony, location of hives, equipment necessary, feeding and management, disease prevention and control. Important notice: We will not be working with live bees!

May 8th Sunday: Poultry for the home (with a farm visit) with Mary Luthers

As growing your own becomes increasingly popular, more and more gardeners are taking the next logical step and joining the ranks of amateur poultry keepers, but where to start? Mary will deal with all aspects of keeping poultry. After a morning session the afternoon will be spend on Mary’s farm

May 14th Saturday: Garden Design – Create your own piece of paradise with Phil Wheal

Blending elements of permaculture, organic and conventional garden design this course aims to help you plan and create a garden that integrates the practical and aesthetic, using a wide range of plants and materials.

May 21st Saturday: Cooking without gluten, dairy, yeast and sugar – new with Gaby Wieland  

Gaby will introduce recipes without gluten, dairy, yeast and sugar, focused on whole, unprocessed foods like vegetables, fruits and gluten free grains.

May 21st Saturday: Living off Grid with Rob Doyle

Rob will explore the various options for living off the grid and for generating renewable energy, ie Hydro, wind and photovoltaic. Includes a visit to an off grid cottage powered by hydro-power and wind.

May 22nd Sunday BIODIVERSITY Day – Guided walks and talks

For programme

May 28th Saturday and 29th Sunday: Dry stone wall construction – the real deal with Richard O’Gorman

Participants will build a dry stone wall from foundation level to the finished capping stage.

May 28th Saturday: Discover Wild Herbs on your doorstep with Joerg Mueller 

Joerg will help you finding and identifying many “wild herbs” that grow right on your doorstep and are commonly used in Western herbal medicine and for culinary purposes.

All courses from 10am -5pm

Course Fee €79 pp per day (tea/coffee/scones/light vegetarian lunch included)

Venue: The Organic Centre, Rossinver, Co. Leitrim

Ph: 071-9854338

E-mail: [email protected]