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Hot Weather Gardening

You may be aware that Irish Water have announced a nationwide hosepipe ban that will come into effect tomorrow (Friday) morning at 9am and will remain in place until the 31st of July. So what does this mean for the gardeners among us? How do we look after our cherished gardens in this incredibly HOT weather? Continue reading to discover Paraic’s tips for gardening during the heatwave. He is also sharing his tips for gardening in July, how to control the spread of Japanese Knotweed and how to attract bees to your garden.

But let’s not focus on the negatives of this dry, hot weather. Instead, think of all of the time we get to spend outdoors this summer. There has never been a better time to enjoy our gardens and patios – so get out there and make the most of them.

What To Do In Your Garden In Hot Weather

Warm weather and little rainfall can take its toll on our gardens. During this weather many people wonder what they can do to keep their gardens looking their best. Our garden expert, Paraic Horkan, shares his advice on caring for your garden in hot weather. He talks through the best ways to ensure your garden is getting sufficient water. He also discusses lawn care and looking after your vegetable garden, hanging baskets and window boxes.

Paraic’s Tips For Your Garden In July

July is definitely a month to sit out and enjoy your garden. It’s a time to relax outdoors, eat outdoors (and basically live outdoors). After all, it’s not often we get such amazing weather in Ireland. But as well as enjoying our gardens, there are some jobs we need to do in our gardens in July. In this post Paraic Horkan, our garden expert, shares the main things you need to do in your garden this July. Click here to read the blog post.

Paraic’s Plant Of The Month: Climbing Roses

The July plant of the month is the climbing rose. Climbing roses are absolutely stunning at this time of year in all gardens, and they are so easy to grow. Double scented blooms on strong, vigorous stems make climbing roses a popular, flowering climber. Climbing roses will flower from now, right up until early winter. Some of Paraic’s favourite varieties of climbing roses include Dublin Bay, Iceberg, Albertine and Bantry Bay. Read more about climbing roses by clicking here.

The Spread Of Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant, listed by the World Conservation Union as one of the world’s most invasive species. Japanese Knotweed causes huge destruction, particularly on development sites, roadways, patios and gravel paths. In this post we outline how to identify it and what to do if it’s in your area. Read here.

How To Attract Bees To Your Garden
Attracting Bees To Your Garden

The bee population is declining at an alarming rate worldwide. Why is this important? Because, bees play an incredibly important role in our ecosystem. Honey bees, both wild and domestic, are responsible for about 80% of all pollination worldwide. A single colony can pollinate 300 million flowers every day. Hence, bees are incredibly important and we depend on them for survival. So what can we do to protect the bee population and encourage their survival. In this post we outline the bee-friendly plants you should be adding to your garden. Click here.


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