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Gardening during COVID-19

The Coronavirus Covid-19 crisis shouldn’t keep you away from your garden. Quite the opposite, a lockdown is a great opportunity to get back into your own garden. We recognise the importance of getting outside and gardening, it’s good for our overall well being and it’s something really nice to do when we are spending more time at home. Here are some things that you can do in your garden to optimise your lockdown time.

Lawn care:

We all dream of having a lush green lawn. A garden oasis we can take pride in and enjoy spending time in. But how do we achieve such a lawn?

  1. Treat Moss

One of the best methods to control and prevent moss from infesting your lawn is to treat the entire lawn with a treatment of ZERO Lawn Liquid. Zero Lawn Liquid is a fast-acting moss remover that works rapidly to kill lawn moss. It has the ability to kill lawn moss right down to the root structure, overnight. Mix the Zero Lawn Liquid with water (1 litre of ZERO Lawn Liquid to 10 litres of water) and spray onto the entire lawn area. ZERO Lawn Liquid should be applied using a clean knapsack sprayer or a watering can.

Measurements: 1 litre of ZERO Lawn Liquid will cover 400 sq yards of lawn. If your lawn is very prone to moss, apply ZERO Lawn Liquid every 4-6 weeks. 

  1. Feed Lawn

The second step to achieving a luscious green lawn involves feeding your lawn with OSMO. OSMO is a special blend of slow release fertilisers, containing a mix of major and micro nutrients. The nutrients in OSMO green your lawn, without forcing growth. Evenly apply OSMO over the entire lawn area. We recommend using a lawn spreader, as it will easily spread OSMO evenly over the entire lawn. The lawn can be mowed one day after application.

Measurements: 1 x 25 kg bag of fertiliser will cover 334 sq metres of lawn (if ZERO is used first to kill the moss).

  1. Kill Weeds

The third and final step for a rich green lawn this year is to kill weeds with Dicophar Selective Weedkiller. Dicophar Selective Weedkiller provides fast and effective control of all major lawn weeds. This high-strength weed killer shows effective results in short time periods. It kills persistent broad-leaved weeds without harming your soil. For best results, mix 100 ml of Dicophar to 10 litres of water. Apply on a dry, calm day using a knapsack to evenly spray the solution over the entire lawn.

Get rid of moss on your driveways and patios

Not only is it the season to get rid of moss on your lawns, but also on your driveways and patios too! The weather in the last few months has meant that our patios and other hard surface areas in the garden have become a breeding ground for moss and they become a bit of an eyesore.With all the free time we now have , there should be no excuse for why we have let our driveways become a habitation for pesky moss. Here at Horkans, we believe the solution to this is a product called PAC.

PAC can be used to remove moss, algae, mould and lichens from most hard surfaces outdoors. It is a biodegradable liquid concentrate that can be used for your driveway or patio. It can also be used on tarmacadam, roof tiles, fencing, stones and bricks.You can even use PAC to transform your walls. It will cut through both red and green algae, leaving surfaces clean and spotless.Within six hours after applying PAC you should see the incredible difference. If it’s only thin moss you are dealing with then you just need to sweep it the next day. If it’s thick moss that has wormed its way into every groove, leave it for a week to let the product get right down. Again you can sweep it or once it becomes free, the wind will take it away.

The best part about PAC is how easy it is to use. For best results, apply it on a dry day. You simply mix one part PAC to 10 parts water. Mix these together in a spraying machine or watering can. Then apply it lightly and evenly over the affected area. Make sure to keep pets away for at least 6 hours. Once you are finished, simply wait 6-7 days and say goodbye to that meddlesome moss. The area it is applied to may turn a red/brown colour but not to worry – this will all wash off. Your patio will be spotless in no time.

Growing your own

Cultivating and nourishing your vegetable garden can undoubtedly do a lot more than providing fresh vegetables. Gardening can help you save money, improve your health, and even invigorate and revitalize one’s mood. Growing your own fruit and veg can seem scary at first, especially to some of us who are “covid gardeners”, but all you need is outdoor space (big or small), seeds, water and a little time. Combine these ingredients and soon you will have your own little edible garden!

Here are some very important benefits to creating your own fruit and vegetable garden.

  1. Health and Wellness

Growing your own food is linked with many health and wellness benefits.

  • Planting, weeding and watering your garden is a form of exercise that is easily incorporated into your daily routine.
  • Gardening is a leisurely way to spend time outside in the fresh air with the sun on your back, making us both mentally and physically healthier.  
  • As you begin to grow your own fruit and vegetables your interest in fresh, healthy produce piques – this is reflected in your eating habits as you begin to enjoy the fresh food you have grown.
  • Gardening can be seen as a break from the everyday stresses of life.
  1. Environmental

Growing your own food has many environmental benefits: 

  • Organically grown food reduces air and water pollution as herbicides or pesticides are not used.
  • Home-grown food does not need to be transported from source to market. This reduces air pollution as planes, ships, trucks and cars are not used to bring the food to your plate.
  • Food waste is reduced as you are less likely to let food soil or be thrown out once you have worked hard to produce it. 
  • No packaging is used.
  1. Financial

Home-grown food leads to financial savings:

  • A successful garden has the ability to fulfill all your fruit, herb and vegetable needs.
  • Once fresh fruit and vegetables are readily available in your garden, your shopping list will shorten as you incorporate these ingredients into your meals.
  1. Relationships

As you plant and develop your own garden, food isn’t the only thing that will develop and bloom – your relationships will also flourish.

  • You can involve the entire family in the development of a garden. Kids will love the opportunity to get their hands dirty and parents will cherish the opportunity to impart their knowledge on to the next generation.
  • Creating a garden gives people a purpose to get outdoors. This pull away from the monotony of a screen encourages interaction and communication among family members.
  • Gardens can be grown as part of a community initiative, developing community relationships and cohesion.

Here at Horkans, We believe that growing your own food has become much more easier with The Vegepod.It’s a self contained, raised garden bed. It’s the perfect solution for anyone interested in growing their own chemical free and nutritional veggies! Above all, it makes gardening simple. This modular vegetable garden is self-watering and is perfectly sized for any garden. For more information on The Vegepod please check out our other blog here.


Once you have your garden tidied and looking lush and flawless, it’s time to make your garden an extension to your home. One key area that has the ability to enhance your lockdown time that you spend in your garden is garden furniture. Our garden furniture section has something to suit everyone. Whether you want somewhere to sit to enjoy your morning coffee, read a book whilst watching the sunset or maybe you want to dine al fresco, we have the garden furniture for you.


Why not complete your garden and dining experience with some outdoor cooking.

We pride ourselves on our high quality products. Nowhere is this more evident than in our BBQ range.In our BBQ area we have selected a range of grills to meet the needs of all, whether a grill novice or master. We want grilling to be effortless and we have ensured this is reflected in our barbecue range. So come on! It’s time to get out of your kitchen and into the garden when it comes to cooking.