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Claregalway Community Action Group held its Annual General Meeting in the School on the 30th September, 1996, and the following Officers and Committee were elected:

  • Chairman Mr. G. Cullinane
  • Secretary Mr. V. Lyons
  • Treasurer Mrs. B. Day
  • P.R.O.(Joint) Mrs. M. Noonan and Mr. S. McNulty
  • Committee Canon G. Callinan, Mr. P. Coen, Mrs. J. Farrell, Mr. M. Hession, Mr. L King, Mr. M. Kirrane

The Community Action Group considered a report on its activities since its establishment in September 1994. While progress has been slow the Meeting noted that some substantial progress has been made on some issues which include:

  • The laying of drainage piples to alleviate flooding in the village.
  • The provision of Telephone Kiosks at Dunleavys’.
  • The elimination of flooding on the Montiagh Road.
  • Elimination of flooding on the Lakeview Road.
  • Partial cleaning of the village—still very inadequate.
  • Provision of Traffic calming measures—work currently in progess.
  • Installation of warning lights at the School before the end of this year.
  • The Meeting also noted that funding has been approved under the Village Improvement Scheme for 1999.

Reports were also presented by Mr. M. Kirrane on the development of the Community Alert Scheme and Mr. S. O’Connell and Mrs. J. Farrell on the excellent work being underetaken by the Amenity Group.

Much work still remains to be done on many fronts. A huge amount of maintenance work has to be undertaken because of the neglect visited on the village in recent years. Some of the work will be undertaken by the County Council, F.A.S. Schemes, other Amenity Schemes and the efforts of the Community. This work will require a massive commitment and investment of effort and time and will not happen without all of us working together for the benefit of the Community.

I ask you to give your support and commitment to the incoming Committee as they will continue to work on your behalf for the betterment of our Community.

S. M.Nulty
M. Noonan