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Claregalway Community Action Group was formed following a Public Meeting of Residents Representatives, Business Community and Parents, held in Claregalway Community Centre on the l4th September, 1994.

As you are aware this Meeting was called to address a number of major concerns in relation to safety and appearance of the village. Progress has been slow. However, following numerous meetings and representations to the County Council, things are beginning to happen. One of our major concerns was the ongoing flooding of the village during the winter months. This issue is now being addressed with work on the drainage system currently ongoing.

The other major concern is safety in the village and we, on your behalf, have suggested a number of measures to address this issue. We have suggested the erection of traffic lights at the major junction where the N17 intersects with the Montiagh Road and the N18. The Council have not agreed to these proposals as yet. However, they have agreed to put ducting in place to facilitate the provision of lights in the future, as part of the drainage works currently ongoing. Funding has also been obtained from the National Roads Authority for the introduction of a traffic calming system to the village. The Council recently invited tenders for this system and work should commence in early Autumn.

The County Council have also agreed to erect warning signs at Claregalway National School. The safety of Children has been a major concern to Parents and Teachers and hopefully these signs, when erected in the Autumn, will lead to a reduction in traffic speed. You will also note that the road to the Community Centre has recently been resurfaced and this should eliminate the ongoing flooding which has been a problem there for some time.

Our other concern is the appearance and level of maintenance in the village and its surrounding hinterland. An Amenity Group has been established for some time and will be outlining their activities in another section of the Publication. However, we compliment them on their endeavour on the Community’s behalf and ask you to continue to support them.

As I outlined in my introduction, progress has been slow and much remains to be done. This is only the beginning of a process which will enhance the appearance of Claregalway and there is no reason why this village should not be as attractive as any of the other Villages which have implemented massive improvements in recent years. The well-being of this area depends on all of us working together.

S. McNulty


It is with considerable regret that we write to inform you of the recent removal of flowers and containers from the pump area in Claregalway village. We are extremely saddened at this occurrence and sincerely hope that this incident will not hinder our ongoing development plans for Claregalway.