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A delegation from the Community Action Group attended an Area Meeting of the County Council recently. This Area Meeting was attended by the six local Representatives, Council Engineers and Officials.

The delegation made a presentation to the area meeting regarding the unfinished state of Claregalway Village. They stated that despite numerous promises and undertakings the village is left in a mess and this is unacceptable to the local community.

The main issues highlighted were:

  • The state that the footpaths have been left in. The delegation stated that the paths are in a dangerous condition and that is impossible for the local community to even walk on these paths.
  • That the Public Lighting would be extended to Dunleavey’s and to the Bridge if possible.
  • That the Warning Lights at the School should be erected as undertakings were given that these lights were to be erected at the beginning of the current school year last September.
  • That the Hard Shoulder at the School should be re-surfaced.
  • That on-going maintenance would be undertaken as indicated at previous meetings.

The delegation were informed at the meeting that the completion of the outstanding work is dependant on funding. The National Roads Authority provided £70,000 to fund the work undertaken in 1996 and a further £10,000 was provided in the current year. However, the Council Officials stated that this level of funding is inadequate to complete the remaining work, as part of this funding will be expended in the provision of lighting. The delegation were also informed that the Warning Lights at the School will be installed when the additional Public Lighting is being installed by the E.S.B.

The delegation stated that the level of funding provided was unacceptable to the local community. They further stated that it was difficult to comprehend that the National Roads Authority would under fund improvement work on a national primary route and highlighted other areas where funding does not appear to be a problem.

The elected representatives stated that a further submission would be made to the National Roads Authority for funds to complete the work.

As you can glean from the foregoing, our attendance at the Area Meeting was not very successful. As funding is dependant on the National Roads Authority, the outlook for the current year does not appear good.

However, this is an election year and it is for us, the community, to put as much pressure as possible on the National Roads Authority and those who seek to represent us because it is unacceptable that authorities responsible for the upkeep of roads, etc. should leave this Village in such an unfinished state.

Claregalway Community Action Group