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Dear Sir,

May I make a few comments on Letter to the Editor in the March issue of Nuacht Chláir? Thank you.

This publication is, is it not, a local newsletter? Therefore, we expect to read local news. Anybody who wishes to may submit articles on a topic which would be of interest to the people of the Claregalway/Carnmore area. If the same people/clubs/organisations etc. have news for each issue, then why shouldn’t it be printed? If others wish to make contributions, then why don’t they?

The business people who support Nuacht Chláir are obviously people with a Community spirit and to them may I say fair play to you and thanks.

I have a copy of Moycullen Matters in front of me at the moment and I notice that it costs £1. Nuacht Chláir is a FREE publication; but then is this not the era where we expect to get everything for nothing? I suppose this new technology the writer talks about, will appear out of nowhere and for nothing also! I doubt it.

Finally, why did Nuacht Chláir reappear after being out of circulation for some time? The people wanted it, that’s why. So, if anyone does not wish to read Nuacht Chláir, then just leave it where it is. There are plenty of others who will have it instead. No-one is forcing you to take it.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.

Patricia Carton

I have no problem with my name being printed as I believe in what I have written.

Oirbsen, Gortatleva, Claregalway