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Dear Sir,

What about improving the content, layout and quality of Nuacht Chláir? Month after month, the same old dreary news is published; the same low level crossword; the same boring layout. I am amazed that local business people are prepared to shell out their hard earned cash to sponsor such a fuddy-duddy publication. It seems to me you need (a) new blood (b) new technology and (c) a new editorial team. I have seen the equivalent publications from Oranmore and Moycullen and whilst they are not great they are certainly better than Nuacht Chláir.

If no improvements are made, it would seem to me that you should forget about this activity until some new people move into the area who have a better grasp of what the local community needs. I bet you don’t get many takers for this publication. How many copies do you produce each month, or more importantly, how many copies are taken off your hands each month?

(name and address supplied).

Ed. We produce 500 copies each month (600 for the Christmas edition). They all disappear quickly.