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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to complain about the selective journalism that your newsletter’s staff appears to have adopted as policy. As a hardworking businessman in Claregalway trying to build up my business it is disgusting to see the intimidating behaviour that those of us who choose not to advertise in your magazine are subject to.

I think that it is disgraceful that your staff chose to only publish details of business that do not advertise in your magazine in the signs article and ignored those offenders that advertise in your magazine.

These actions only highlight the backward attitude of the editorial staff who are only prepared to look after their own, and only further highlights that your magazine does not have a bright future. Could you imagine RTÉ or the Irish Times not reporting on news that portrays their advertising in a negative manner. This behaviour is nothing short of propaganda and is very similar to the behaviour of communist governments during the USSR era.

My decision to not advertise in your magazine should be respected and I should not be punished for this. For your information my business can not afford to advertise/hand out money to everyone who looks for it at this current time. I am not the only business person who is very vexed by your actions.

I am forwarding a copy of this email to the Galway Advertiser and to the Chamber of Commerce to alert the bullying tactics that the hard working business community of Claregalway are subject to.

I look forward to your reply and apology.

Yours Disappointingly,
Mr Hegarty

Editor’s Response

Nuacht Chláir is an open access publication and will carry any material submitted subjective to the law of the land and editorial judgement. Too many comments have been made about the Signs and Dirt in Claregalway and redress has to be made concerning this. Advertising like this is not evident in other villages and towns. It is illegal.

The article in question was written by a member of the Claregalway community who is not connected to the publication of the Nuacht Chláir and who provided her details in the article should anyone wish to contact her. It may be worth noting that the newsletter does not have a “staff” of any description. It is community-curated, meaning anyone can contribute whatever they like, the only requirement being that it is of local interest. This is done voluntarily.

Perhaps Mr Hegarty would take a look through our sponsors/advertisers list before making selective statements?