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On August 4th 2004, signs and fly posting in Claregalway were listed and sent to Galway County Council Environment Department; the list was also published in Nuacht Chláir.

The dirty and unkempt state of Claregalway village was also described. The fly posters were subsequently removed; the village was not cleaned. In August 2005 the dirty condition of the village was again documented and sent to the County Council Environment Section with copies to local County Councillors. The village was partially cleaned once.

Now, in February 2006, a fresh crop of temporary signs has accumulated in Claregalway. Below is a list.

Starting at the speed limit sign on Oranmore side:

  • Five auctioneers signs pointing toward the Leisure Centre.
  • Abbey Florist.
  • The Saturday Rowing Club.
  • A Stem Above.
  • DeStress Trial Class.
  • Church View Sold Out.
  • Escape Leisure.
  • Luxury 3 and 4 bedroom houses in Dunmore Road, Tuam!
  • Karen Maria Boutique.
  • Entertainment Time @ The Saturday Club (stuck in the hard shoulder).

At the Eircom local exchange:

  • Abbey Florist.
  • Horkans.

Turning up the main road:

  • The Sanctuary.
  • A Stem Above.
  • Abbey Florists.

At turn for Cahergowan:

  • Karen Marie Boutique.
  • Abbey Florist.
  • Grace Menswear.

Approaching village:

  • Abbey Florist.
  • Galway Cathedral Novena.
  • The Sanctuary.
  • Lackagh Musical Society (on back of pole).
  • Spar.
  • Luxury 3 & 4 bedroom houses in Dunmore Road, Tuam.
  • Autojumble Shrule!

On footpath:

  • Pharmacy Open Late.
  • Deli Chef in middle of path.

At petrol station:

  • A Stem Above.
  • Abbey Restaurant.
  • Lotto—Centra.
  • The Sanctuary.
  • Coolarne Table Quiz 15th November.
  • A rusted sign.
  • A Stem Above.
  • 3 site notices dated 2003.
  • Lotto—Centra.
  • Escape Leisure.
  • The Sanctuary.
  • Rotting signs and site notices.

On the bridge:

  • Keep Out Landowners own their fishing rights × 4 (rusting).
  • A completely rusted sign; Fishing Club Members Only × 2.

Approaching from Tuam attached to four road signs:

  • Relax: Escape
  • Energize: Escape.
  • Unwind: Escape.
  • Escape: Escape.
  • Grace Menswear.
  • Escape.
  • Abbey Florist.

At 9 Arches:

  • Little VIP Children’s Boutique (blocking path and very dirty).
  • Mozarina Bridal Boutique.
  • A Chinese Takeaway sign abandoned in planted area.
  • The litter bin here has burst open and is bulging over with rubbish.

  • At building site entrance: four signs abandoned on the ground.
  • On path opposite petrol station: Attended Car Wash;
  • On grass margin in front of Lakeview Estate: Abbey Florists; Auctioneer’s Sign.
  • On pole at Church: Bye Bye Birdie.

Claregalway is the only village in the county festooned with this type of signage. Why?

Adjacent to the school, the new sculpture area is unfinished in the gateway past the school rubbish is attached to briars and weeds. Rubbish has been dumped in the planted area as well as bottles, etc. discarded. The margin up to turn for Leisure Centre is very narrow and dirty. On the other side of the road past new housing, the hard shoulder is dirty, badly surfaced, weeds abound at walls. Why is there not a footpath here?

The condition of the hard shoulders and paths on the N17 area have been described previously in 2004 and 2005; nothing has improved. Areas cleaned once in 2005 have reverted to their original dirty, weeded condition. Adjacent to the bridge on all sides the hard shoulders are filthy and badly potholled. The planted area between bridge and 9 Arches is strewn with rubbish. Even the plants are filthy!

The bus stop has been improved marginally and the bin there emptied.

There has been a considerable amount of development in Claregalway. Developers are levied and this funding is intended for improvements in the area where the development takes place. How much is in this fund that could be used for footpaths and tidying up the village to give it an attractive appearance? This current situation is in stark contrast to every other village in County Galway.

Why is this so bad year after year? Do the Council staff care? Do elected Councillors care? Do you care? If you care, why not write to: Pat Gallagher, County Manager, Galway County Council, Prospect Hill, Galway.

Telephone, text or your elected representative on Galway County Council:

Cllr Jim Cuddy: 087 6360242; [email protected]
Cllr Fidelma Healy Eames: 087 6776937; [email protected]
Cllr Mary Hoade: 087 2255979; [email protected]
Cllr Jarlath McDonagh: 087 2346012; [email protected]

Madeleine Flanagan [email protected]