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A Senior Citizen is one who was here before the pill, television, frozen foods, credit cards and ball point pens.

For us time sharing meant togetherness, not computers.
And a chip meant a piece of wood.
Hardware meant hard wear, and software was not even a word.

Teenagers never wore slacks or jeans, we were before tights, drip-dry clothes, dishwashers, clothes dryers and electric blankets.
We got married first, then lived together.
We were before disposable diapers, jeeps, pizzas, instant coffee, McDonalds wasn’t even thought of.

In our day cigarette smoking was fashionable.
Grass was for mowing, pot was something we cooked in;
A gay person was the life and soul of the party, while Aids meant beauty lotions, or help for someone in trouble.

We are today’s Senior Citizens, a hardy bunch when you think of how the world has changed and the adjustments we have had to make.