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Claregalway Bypass Plan

I recently put forward proposals to Ministers Dick Roche T.D., Minister for Environment, and Martin Cullen T.D., Minister for Transport, to develop the Claregalway By-Pass on a phased basis, commencing with a Phase I relief road.

You will be aware of the National Roads Authority’s (NRA’s) refusal to include the Claregalway By-Pass in their 2005-09 Primary Roads Programme due to the fact that they are proceeding with the new Tuam to Galway N17 motorway.

Galway County Council have now designed the By-Pass route, at an estimated cost of €7.9m for the 4.9km route. However as an interim measure, given the acute traffic congestion caused by 33,000 cars travelling through Claregalway each day, I have asked the two Ministers to consider the following:

  1. To proceed with the bypass in two phases, without prejudice to the NRA-proposed Tuam-Galway motorway;
  2. To construct Phase I of the northern section from the Oranmore road to the Tuam Road including the Clare River Bridge, a distance of 3.2 km at a cost of €5.3m this would in effect be a relief road;
  3. To provide funding for land acquistion, as well as €100,000 through the Department of Environment for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and site survey.

Three imperative issues must be agreed to so this can proceed immediately:

  1. Agreement between Galway County Council and landowners on land purchase;
  2. No objections to the new route chosen or to the EIS, and
  3. Agreement to joint venture funding by the NRA and Department of Environment.

I believe if we can deal successfully with these issues we could see work on the Phase I relief road commence next year. I have emphasised to the Ministers the need to meet this timescale.

I am sure you will agree that this relief road, as an interim measure, will greatly help to alleviate what has become one of the worst bottlenecks in the country.

Frank Fahey, T.D.
Minister of State.

The following are extract replies Minister of State Frank Fahy received from Galway County Council (Martin Lavelle) and the National Roads Authority ( N.R.A.) in relation to the above:

“Re Baile Chlair ByPass Route Selection”
“The landowners have been provided with copies of the route in order to ascertain their opinions. Some of the landowners do lose large parts of their holdings. The compensation rate for land acquisition will be initially estimated by our Independent Valuers.

Ultimately, it is considered that the elected members may well extend the Baile Chlair town boundary out to the new Bypass Route after construction of the route. Such a decision could influence the landowners as they would see a potential benefit to themselves through the rezoning of their lands.”

M. Lavelle, Senior Engineer,
Roads & Transportation Unit,
Galway County Council.

“Re proposals to proceed with a relief road of Claregalway”
In order to move this process forward and to enable the Authority to consider any proposals, Galway County Council has been requested to advise if a report has been prepared, setting out the scope of the Claregalway Relief Road Proposal and detailing the case for considering such a proposal in the light of the planned Tuam/Galway Scheme currently being progressed within the context of the National Roads Authority Multi-Annual Capital Investment Framework. This report would include detailed costings for planning, land/property acquisition and construction plus a programme outlining timetables of the milestones to complete the scheme. As an alternative, Galway County Council has been asked if preparation of such a report is contemplated.

Full consideration of any proposals will be given upon receipt of this report from Galway County Council.

John Fleming,
Senior Project Manager, N.R.A.

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a common skin infection that occurs between the toes. Around 1 in 6 adults have it at any one time. Some have it for years without doing anything about it, others find it more of a problem, while it is easy to treat with creams, powders and sprays, some people find it keeps coming back.

Athlete’s foot is a skin infection caused by a fungus. It most often affects the skin between the toes, making it scaly, cracked, red or sore. Symptoms may vary from mild to painful and itchy. It can also spread to the soles, heel and sides of the foot.

The infection is spread from person to person, for example sharing shoes or towels, you can also pick it up by walking barefoot in changing rooms at gyms or swimming pools. Some people are more prone to athlete’s foot than others. The fungus thrives in warm moist conditions. Avoiding such conditions will help prevent infection.

The treatment of choice is to use an antifungal cream e.g. Daktarin cream or Lamisil cream. In recent tests Lamisil used once daily for 7 days cured 90% of patients with athlete’s foot. Often the fungus appears to disappear quickly however it may still be present and it is important to continue treatment after it appears to clear.

Patients with diabetes mellitus, whose blood sugar levels are elevated, are prone to fungal infections and often have difficulty fighting the infection. It is often an indicator for undiagnosed diabetes mellitus.

Tips for Healthy Feet:
It is best to wash and dry your feet carefully every day, particularly between the toes. Sharing towels, shoes or socks should be avoided. Flip-flops or plastic sandals should be worn in public changing rooms or showers. Avoid letting your feet get warm sweaty and moist, wearing cotton socks can help, frequently changing them when required. Sometimes the fungus can remain in shoes so it is often worth sprinkling athlete’s foot powder into the shoes when you’re not wearing them. If these tips and treatments are unsuccessful then a visit to the doctor is required, anti-fungal tablets may be required.

Claregalway Pharmacy is open late Monday to Friday until 8pm.

John Duffy MPSI.


Reading Declan Varley’s editorial in the Galway Advertiser last week on community involvement got me thinking about a lot of issues. Community involvement is to me ‘ a natural thing to do’. I have six children and if I can make our community a better place for them to live in , then so be it, I will do whatever I can to achieve that. There are so many “hurlers on the ditch”. They are the ones who complain when things go wrong. They are the ones who smirk in the background – laugh at the “eejits” running around the community doing this and that.

Today we are an instant society – everything has to be “now, now and now”, designer labels, big cars, latest style, .. image makers, but why? Are we better off? Do we move in the right circles? What’s it all about? For me, I think we are living in a very materialistic socity – big houses, big cars, big notions and huge stress. We are all looking at the clock and racing from here to there. Slowing down and perhaps taking a look at where one is at might be no harm now and again. Community involvement can be very enthusiastic – it is the people who make the community. If we close our eyes to issues, then how do we expect results?

For instance, right now in Claregalway, an issue of huge ongoing concern is “traffic” and the need for a bypass. Thankfully, our politicians recognise this need and are working on our behalf to solve this problem. This is where community involvement is important – lobbying our politicians to make our community a better place to live in. We are the people on the ground and it is us who make the community – working together is of paramount importance and do you know “if you came off that ditch” and got immersed in ongoing issues, you might be surprised and hopefully enthused by your immersion.

An upcoming issue of concern is “Clean Up Day” on the 14th May. This is where we can get actively involved – make Claregalway a better place to live in by getting involved. Claregalway could be the the greatest place on this planet (if we chose to get involved). We have so many features, i.e. Claregalway Abbey (lovely if lit up at night), Claregalway Castle (under renovation presently), River walks by the Clare River (a wonderful project). Each and every one of you reading this issue of Nuacht Chlair has a voice and can make Claregalway “a place to live in.” That is all it takes – collective involvement. Start off by coming out on the 14th May for an hour and help get rid of the debris in the area – that is being “active” and making a statement: “we are proud of our village!!”

Until next time,

Councillor Val Hanley

Mar bhall tofa nua de Udaras na Gaeltachta, ba mhaith liom mo bhuiochas a chur I ndul no mhuintir Bhaile Chlair na Gaillimhe/An Chairn Mhor agus na ceantair aitiula, as ucht a gcineathas nuair a bhios ag solathar votai agus as ucht an tacaiocht sin a thabha.

Beidh me ag casadh leis na grupai eagsula aitiula go luath chun plean forbartha teanga agus a chur le cheile don cheantar. Ta tacaiocht galtha ag Priomh-Fheidhmeanach Udaras na Gaeltachta, Paraic O hAolain cheana fein chun na ceantair laga sa Ghaeltacht a thabhair chun cinn.

Ma chuidionn mo bhallriocht de bhord Udaras na Gaeltacha, chun an t-aidhim sin a chur I grich, ansin b’fhiu an t-anro a chuaigh isteach so toghcan.

As a newly elected member of Udaras na Gaeltachta, I would like to place on record my sincere thanks to the people of Claregalway and Carnmore and the surrounding areas for the kindness and courtesy shown to me and my canvessers on the door-steps and for your support on election day.

In the near future I will be arranging to meet with the local communities with a view to promoting and encouraging the use of the Irish language and culture. Already the new C.E.O. of Udaras na Gaeltachta Mr. Pairic O’hAolain has pledged support for the weaker areas, in the promotion of the Irish language and its culture. If my election helps this initiative then it will have been worth all the effort in getting elected to the Board.

Go mile maith agat.

Val Hanley

Councillor Mary Hoade

Councillor Mary Hoade wishes to thank the people of Claregalway, Carnmore and the surrounding areas for coming out to vote in the Udaras Elections on Saturday 2nd April 2005 and for voting to ensure that we protect our Gaeltacht status.

As an elected Councillor for this area, I hold Clinics on a monthly basis on the third Saturday of every month in the Claregalway Hotel at 1 p.m.

Baranna, Corrandulla, Co. Galway
Tel: 091-789854/087 2255979

S.N. Baile Chlair na Gaillimhe Comoradh 75

Claregalway National School will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the opening of the present school on the weekend of June11th/12th 2005. All past pupils are invited to attend a celebration dinner in the Claregalway Hotel on Saturday, June 11th at 8pm. Special guests will be former pupils who attended the school when it opened. A great night of music, reminiscences and craic is guaranteed. Deceased past pupils will be remembered at 11am mass in Claregalway Church on Sunday 12th. Following mass, the school will be open (until 2pm) for all past pupils, parishioners, etc. To see the many changes that have taken place over seventy five years.

Tickets for the dinner are now on sale from committee members: Seamus O’Connell (Cloonbiggeen), Pat Coen (Principal), Marie Dempsey (Cregboy), Sean O’Concannon (Montiagh), Joe O’Connell (Montiagh), Anne Hession (Claregalway), Tom Moran (Cloon), Tom Lenihan (Lakeview) and Bridie Francis (Waterdale)

Local Beautician Scoops Award in Beauty ‘Oscars’

Sile Mannion, Claregalway, picked up the top award in the South of Ireland for make-up artistry in the first year a make-up category was included in the awards.

Sile, who owns Calista Beauty in Claregalway and Calista Beauty Suite in the Claregalway Hotel, is delighted to be an award winner. Her career ranges from stage make-up to everyday make-up.

She has enjoyed working for various fashion shows, TG4, Concorde film studios, Macnas, Off the Rails Live expo, magazine photo shoots, local theatre groups Compantas Lir and Lackagh Musical Society, night clubs, and wedding for which she is one of the most sought after make-up artists in Galway.

Galway North Educate Together

Galway North Educate Together are delighted to announce sanction from Department of Education for their proposed new national school in Cloonbeggan, Claregalway

Galway North Educate Together (GNET) was set up in January 2004 to establish an educate together national school in the North Galway area. The committee has worked steadily from that time and with the help of the national educate together movement, succeeded in getting sanction for the school on the 14th April 2005.

The new national school will operate firmly under the core principles of educate together i.e. Multi-denominational, child centred, co-educational and democratically run. The school will seek to further these principles in an environment that nurtures the entire school community i.e. children, teachers/staff and parents, giving every individual the opportunity to develop and contribute to the best of his or her ability.

GNET is now working hard on several fronts to have everything ready for the target opening date in September 2005. The process of selecting a Principal for the new school is currently underway and GNET hopes to have completed this important task within the coming weeks.

‘Pre enrolments for the new school have been brisk and there has been a surge of interest in the school from parents since the granting of sanction by the Department. Queries about GNET and the school in general may be directed to Keeva Bradshaw on 087 2206872, email [email protected]

GNET wishes to ensure that it’s new school will complement the excellent services provided by existing schools in an area that is growing and diversifying rapidly.

Horkan’s Lifestyle & Garden Centre

Oranmore, Galway | Turlough, Castlebar | Bundoran Road, Sligo.

Our Gardening Help Line is 094 90 31435/36 and 071 91 38870 email on [email protected]

Paraics selection of easy to grow great garden plants to plant NOW.

May is the ideal time to plant some new garden shrubs;

We have listed some of the very best garden shrubs ideal for most gardens.

Remember to enrich the soil before planting, Add Westland rose, tree and shrub compost into the border soil before planting and add some westland Organic fish, blood & bone meal.

Feed all your new & existing garden plants with super grow tree, shrub and hedging fertiliser in may and June for strong growth.

To add colour and interest to shrub borders or for planting in containers choose-

Lupin lulu
Dwarf strong flowering border plant, super bright colours, long stems of flowers on very compact plants, perfect for adding colour to flower borders or shrub beds.
Scented Lavender
Super Strong lavender scent from foliage and flower. Lavenders offer not only great scent but fantastic blue flowers throughout the summer. Super plant for a shrub border or planted into a container. Pick a nice bright location.
Azalea ‘Johanna’ deep red flowers now…
A very colourful Azalea which will brighten up any winter garden with it’s mahogany red foliage in winter. This will contrast beautifully with a green leaf variety such as ‘Vuyk’s Scarlet’ below. The deep red flowers are a bonus in the spring. Compact habit.
Azalea ‘Vuyk’s Scarlet’
Bright red flowers with wavy petals in spring. A well-proven variety long in demand by the knowledgeable gardener. Super in shrub borders and containers. feed after flowering with Algoflash ericaceous liquid feed.
Ceanothus ‘ repens ‘
Evergreen low growing shrub, perfect for slopes, borders or to cover large areas. Ceanothus repens grows up to six feet in diameter. The stems are covered in bright blue flowers throughout the summer. Super as a ground cover plant.
pink mallow. Super colour this summer. Easy to grow very free flowering border shrub, great plant to fill gaps or to add colour in existing borders, fast growing with masses of pink flowers from june to early winter. Perfect in all soil types. Great easy to grow plant. Lots & lots & lots of colour.
Feijoa sellowiana
“Pineapple Guava’ – The fleshy crimson & white flowers are edible (tasting like pineapple) & sweetly aromatic. A Talking point when used in desserts. The fruit will only appear in a warm sheltered garden. A very attractive shrub in it’s own right, with it’s silver under leaf, bringing colour in the winter to the garden. One of the toughest plants for the coast can be planted right on the coast. Something different for a hedge.
Garrya elliptica
silver tassle shrub – lovely evergreen shrub. Dark glossy green foliage with super tassles of flowers. Garrya is a beautiful evergreen hardy shrub. The flowers or catkins are very unusual hanging in masses from the strong stems. This is a shrub for every garden offering both foliage and flower colour

Phormiums in variety
“New Zealand Flax”
Phormiums are great to bring colour to the garden, in particular the seaside garden where the choice is more limited. They also add movement and shape to planting schemes mixing well with either perennials or shrubs. Being evergreen they ensure constant colour.

Pittosporum eugenioides ‘Variegata’
“Variegated Lemonwood”
This elegant evergreen will brighten up any garden with its variegated aromatic leaves. In summer the pale yellow honey-scented flowers are a bonus.

Pittosporum tenuifolium
This evergreen makes a small columnar tree. Looks great in a tub. An Essential foliage for flower arrangers. Will thrive near the sea. Makes a beautiful hedge.

Vinca minor – Super ground cover plant.
“Double flowering perewinkle ‘
Azure-blue flowers appear most of the year. This is a small leafed periwinkle so will not take over a bed like the major varieties, in fact this flowers so much it is slow to grow. Great as ground cover or around the edges of pots. Good colour all year round.

Cornus Contraversa Variegata.
Beautiful archeticual plant with bright red stems which form a formal layered effect. White flowers are produced in abundance in early spring followed by bright variegated foliage which turns red in autumn – super garden shrub.

Choisya Sundance – super scented golden foliage.
Easy to grow good garden plant – super foliage colour all year round. This good garden plant is ideal for all gardens, offering colour all year round over a compact neat plant. Great contrast to red or dark foliage plants – perfect for containers.

Cordyline red star. Super foliage plant
The star of the cordyline family with super dark red evergreen spike like foliage . great plant for containers or shrub borders. Ideal for under planting with heathers, spring and summer colour and bulbs. Super colour all year round.

Pieris Mountain Fire. Brilliant red foliage in spring and summer.
Super garden plant with dark green foliage which bursts into a brilliant red show of colour in spring and early summer. White bell shaped flower’s cover this plant in mid spring. Super in containers or as a border shrub.

Hydrangeas – blue, red, white and pink – plant them now.
Hydrangeas are so easy to grow offering you lots of colour throughout the summer. The plants are ideal for open or exposed gardens and perfect for filling larger gaps in shrub borders and beds. Prepare the soil well by adding Westland Nursery stock compost and feed your hydrangeas every month with pure rose fertiliser.

Remember soil preparation is essential for all new shrubs, add rose,tree and shrub compost when planting, also incorporate Westland Organic fish, blood & bone fertiliser which will feed your shrubs and trees all summer long – super fertiliser for newly planted shrubs.

Apply a liquid feed of Algo flash fertiliser to all garden plants from May onwards right up to early September.

Remember Horkans Lifestyle & Garden Centre

open seven days sun 12 to 6 pm in Galway, Sligo and Castlebar.

Special News

Congratulations to Claire and Brian Connell, Kiniska on the birth of their twin boys Matthew Connell and Nathan Samuel, born on the 28th February.

Congratulations and very best wishes for the future to Eilis Codyre, Galway, and Ollie O’Connell, Cloonbiggeen, who got married on the 23rd April. A wonderful day was had by all we believe!!! Best of luck in your new home in Cloonbiggeen.

Congratulations to Lorraine and Aidan Concanon, Cloonbiggeen on the birth of their son Conor, born on the 26th April – a brother for Aoife and Eoghan.

Wedding wishes to Gerry Grealish, Carnmore and Maureen Kearns, Circular Road, Galway, who wed in Rome recently. Best wishes to you both for the future.

Congratulations also to Nicola and Michael Lenihan, Clogher, on the birth of their son Dean Michael, born on the 29th April.

Very best wishes extended to Sean Moran (brother of Margaret Lenihan,), Cloon and to his wife Maureen (nee O’Connell, Kiniska), on the election of their youngest son Michael as State Representative in the United States.

Well done to Gerard O’Reilly, Cloon on coming first in the County Ploughing Championship recently.

Birthday greetings to Jason Foley, Cregboy, 4 years old on the 20th May. Have a great day Jason!

Sean Gavin, Loughgeorge, April 2005.


Reflexogy is an ancient healing art based on the principle that the body will, given the opportunity, heal itself and bring about a state of natural balance, in order to function to its full capacity.

Reflexogy practitioners follow the hypotheses that all structures and organs in the body are mirrowed on the feet and by using specific touching techniques to stimulate the reflex points can help the body to regain a balance state. Reflexogists use the theory that there are ten zones or energy lines running up and down the body. Blockages of energy occur along these zones caused by disorder or disease in the organs and structures. The reflexologist aim to release these blockages by using specific techniques.

For further information, please contact Evelyn Kitt: (091) 798485 or 087 6783733.

Solicitor Takes the Brief

Geraldine O’Neill Glynn has opened Claregalway’s first solicitor’s office. Geraldine, originally from Loughrea, Co. Galway, has opened a legal practice in Cois Chlair, Claregalway, Co. Galway, a new development of retail units, offices and apartments situated close to the new Claregalway Hotel.

After graduating in law at University of Limerick, Geraldine went on to lecture in Law at Hendon College of Further Education, London, for three years. On her return to Ireland in 1995, she completed her legal studies at Blackhall Place, the home of the Law Society of Ireland. She subsequently completed a legal apprenticeship with A. G. Moylan & Co., and remained with the practice until 1997. She then moved on to Pauline O’Reilly & Co., in Galway where she worked for four and half years before deciding to branch out on her own in 2005.

‘I had 10 years professional experience in all areas of legal practice,’ says Geraldine, ‘and I thought the time was right to go it alone. I have benefited greatly from working with two excellent practices and look forward to this new challenge. Having my own practice has always been an ambition and I will enjoy the novelty of being Claregalway’s first solicitor.’

Geraldine, who is married to Liam Glynn, proprietor of Glynn’s Centra, Carnmore, lives locally in Carnmore. Geraldine and Liam have three children, Ellen, Jane and Rory.

My Computer

Believe it or not, buying the computer is the easy thing – actually using it can be the daunting task. Most children are now almost little computer experts and with a little patience you too can master it. A computer can be used for games, entertainment, education, business, hobbies, research…the list is almost endless. The first challenge is getting to grips with the controls – the keyboard and that mouse thing! In most cases a friend or family member can teach the basics leaving you to explore the wonders of the computer at your own leisure.

Digital Camera
Everyone seems to be getting a digital camera these days. The prices are coming down and the quality improving. So what is it ? In basic terms it does nothing different except that the pictures are stored as digital files which means they can be viewed instantly on the camera and deleted if needs be. The pictures are stored on memory cards which can be given to a camera shop that will develop them as like a normal film. However the camera can also be connected directly to a printer for printing at home, or transferred to computer for later use. From there they can be emailed, edited, put onto a picture CD/DVD album… – the possibilities are endless.

These days the world seems obsessed with MP3 players ? So what are they? Simply put, MP3 are digital music files. No different than a normal song except to help make them more useable the file is “encoded” or compressed. Because of this encoding a decoder is needed to play them back – an MP3 player. On computers a program like WinAmp, iTunes or Media Player. Outside of a computer there are special players like the iPod – smaller than a walkman but holding vast amounts of music. The technique is similar to how they managed to fit a Video movie onto a DVD. Most DVD players can also play MP3’s. Some CD-walkmans and CD players can now play MP3 CD’s too. This means 1 CD = 80 mins music = 16 songs = 700MB storage = approx 140 full length MP3 songs. In terms of an MP3 player with a 20GB storage = approx 4,000 songs.

This same MP3 technology is used to create the “real song” mobile phone ring tunes. You can also go online and purchase MP3 versions of your favourite singles and store them on your computer or transfer them to CD or MP3 player.

The advantages of digitizing pictures and music are huge but they are not necessarily for everyone. So if you’re happy with that vinyl sound or the wind up camera and the developed pictures then by all means enjoy before the digital revolution takes over !

In some recent developments in the locality, there may be some more companies in a position to offer broadband via a wireless service in the wider community. A wireless connection will bring broadband to a home through an aerial receiver similar to digital TV channels, and will not require a phone line. Once connected homes/businesses have the possibilty of networking their PC’s and having an always-on fast internet access. This means that the draw backs of dial-up and ISDN may be a thing of the past within a few months.

Having PC hardware or software problems ? Just want to know more about using one ? For fast and friendly advice please email me and I will do my best to help you.

Joe O’Connell ([email protected])

Update from Local Councillor Jim Cuddy

Request for improved signage for side roads and bus shelters in Claregalway
Following representations by a number of people I have written to Galway County Council asking them to provide signage for the various side roads and I will report back on the reply when received. In relation to the provision of bus shelters I have written to Bus Eirean and await their reply.

Traffic Islands
The Council have informed me that they do not propose to reinstate the traffic islands at the entrance to Rockwood, Cregboy and Kiniska. Even though I have highlighted the danger that exists and the fact they were considered necessary in the past when there was much less traffic using this road. The Council have said that the recorded instances of accidents at these junctions does not warrant the traffic islands being reinstated.

In relation to my request for a traffic island at the junction of the Lydican road with the N18 I again raised this issue with the Council on the 18th April and they are now considering providing improved signage instead highlighting this junction.

Loughgeorge Traffic Junction
I have asked the Council once again to consider a reduction of the speed limit at the Loughgeorge junction on the N17 from 100km to 80km so that people could enter onto the main Tuam road in safety. They have no plans to reduce the speed limit at this junction at the moment. On April 18th a delegation from Loughgeorge attended an area meeting of the Council and made a very good presentation with regard to this area. The Council are now looking into the possibility of providing some footpaths in this area and will report back.

Following on from a very informative meeting at the Claregalway Hotel which was hosted by the Community and Enterprise Section of Galway County Council under the direction of Frank Dawson, it is important that as many people as possible in the area register now for broadband with the Community and Enterprise Section at Lisbaun Industrial Estate, Galway. As you may be aware it is intended that all schools in the area will be linked up to Broadband in the near future. A number of service providers have already shown an interest but as of now I do not know which of them has been selected for the area.

Claregalway By-Pass – a Step closer
Now that the case for a Claregalway By-Pass has been accepted, it is up to us all to spare no effort in making the By-Pass a reality as soon as possible. I am glad to see that the people who had shown little support for this By-Pass in the past have now come on board. This week the landowners along the proposed route will have received correspondence from Mr. Lavelle, Senior Engineer with Galway County Council and I do hope that meetings between him and the landowners will be fruitful in the very near future. I must express my deep appreciation to the Tanaiste Mary Harney, Michael McDowell, Minister for Justice and Deputy Noel Grealish for their recent visit to Claregalway. The next important hurdle for us to get over is the necessary finance from the Minister for Finance, Transport and the NRA. It is up to these people to make the finance available for the By-Pass.

As always I can be contacted any day or evening at (087) 6360242.

Claregalway Gaelic Football Club

The Officers of the Claregalway Gaelic Football Club for 2005 are Chairman Mick Higgins; Secretary Joe O’Connell; Treasurer Tony Stephens; Assistant Secretary John O’Hagan, Martin Kelly; Assistant Treasurer Paddy Glennane, Enda O’Connell; Registrar Kenny Murphy; PRO Joe O’Connell. New eligible players are always welcome. To follow is a list of our teams, management, the training times and their latest/next fixture. Membership is payable and the cost is €40 per playing adult, €30 for a non playing adult and €20 for students. Remember all this information is available in greater detail on our website and in the GAA notes of the Tuam Hearld.

The Club and team members send the best wishes to Michéal Grealish who is recovering from a serious injury received in the Milltown game.

Go n-eirigh le Barry Cullinane (midfield for Galway U-21’s), Adrian Faherty (Goalie for Galway Minors), Brian O’Donoghue (Goalie for Galway Seniors) and all other of the club who are involved with Galway teams. We wish them the best of luck and every success in the forthcoming competitions.

Lotto Jackpot : €13,160. The next draw will be in the Arches Hotel on Tuesday the 3rd of May.

25th April : Lotto Jackpot: €13,040 – Numbers drawn : 10, 12, 21, 28

No Jackpot Winner; Match 3 winners (Win/Share €200) Martin Joe Greaney Peake, Gary O’Neill Carnmore, Bernie Grealish Carnmore, Bridie Molloy c/o Grealishes

Manager : Vinny Nestor; Training Tuesdays and Fridays @ 7pm at Claregalway Pitch.

This is a busy time for the seniors. Last week we defeated Corofin in our first game of the Connaught Senior League 1-8 to 0-9. Earlier in April we lost out narrowly to Milltown in the first round of the Sacre Coeur league. Cluiche Leath-Ceannais Comortas Peil na Gaeltacht v An Fhairche (Clonbur) is fixed for Sunday 1st May 3pm in An Ceathru Rua.

Junior B
Manager : John O’Hagan; Training continues with seniors on Tuesdays and Fridays @ 7pm at Claregalway Pitch. We were to face Glenamaddy in league on Monday @3:30pm in Claregalway but that may not be played due to the Senior Comortas games at the weekend.

We lost out to Moycullen in our own comortas match on Sunday last. A strong finish saw us see off the challenge of Monivea in the first round of the League earlier in the month. The final score of 0-13 to 1-5 was a fair reflection although we left it late to show our dominance.

Junior C
Manager : Joe Arkins; Training continues with seniors on Tuesdays and Fridays @ 7pm at Claregalway Pitch. We have lost our first two league games despite having strong numbers. Our next match is fixed for Monday 2nd May v Glynsk @5pm in Claregalway.

Manager : Tony Clarke. Minor league will be put on hold until after the Leaving Cert. All unaffected players can continue training with Seniors if available. In the league we have won two and lost two games.

Juvenile Club
The Officers of the Claregalway Juvenile Club for 2005 are Chairman Tony Clarke, Secretary Ray Dooley, Treasurer Paul Nash, PRO Jimmy Gavin and Peadar Dolan. New players both boys and girls are always welcome. To follow is a list of our teams, management, the training times and their latest/next fixture. Membership is payable and the cost is €20 per juvenile, €30 for 2 from the same family and €40 for 3 or more from same family. The Club adopted a Code of Conduct at its AGM and a copy will be issued with each membership application form. This document should be read carefully by Parents and child members. Team Managers and Coaches shall be making every endeavour to observe this Code of Conduct. Remember all this information is available in greater detail on our website and in the GAA notes of the Tuam Hearld.

Annual Fundraising Draw The Juvenile Club are holding a Fundraising Raffle with the draw takes place on Sunday 8th May (deferred for two weeks from original date of April 24th). Prizes include a Weekend for two in Edinburgh, MP3 Player, Two Entrance Tickets for Pearse Stadium valid for a year and Dinner for two in the Quality Hotel. Tickets cost €5 and are available for all the juvenile members. Would all people with outstanding tickets please return them as soon as possible.

Under 16
Managers Jarlath Brennan 0862830763; Latest Training Schedule Sunday mornings, Claregalway Pitch at 10:00. The team will play in the Division 1A County League. Claregalway defeated Oranmore in the Preliminary Round of the championship on Wednesday 26th April in a very entertaining game played in Claregalway. They defeated Caltra in the League on Tuesday 19th April 2-11 to 0-9.

Under 14
Managers Jimmy Gavin 0872835847 and Jimmy Moran 072568227; Latest Training Schedule is held on Friday evenings at Corithians at 6:00pm and Sunday mornings at 10:00am.

The U-14’s will field 2 Teams in the Division 1A and 3B of the County Leagues to begin in April. In the Championship the Division 1 Team will play SalthillKnocknacarra and the Division 3 Team will play Killererin. The Div 1 Team defeated Annaghdown in the League last Friday 22nd April on a score of 7-8 to 1-5 and play Caherlistrane in Claregalway at 6:30 on this Friday evening the 29th April. The Div 3 team are away to Mervue. The Feile will now take place on Saturday week the 7th May in Moycullen with the first match at 11:00am against Moycullen. The second game is against Micheal Breathnachs at 1:30 with the final group game at 3:15 against Caherlistrane.

Under 13
Managers Ray Dooley 798692 ; Latest Training Schedule will be with the U-14’s ( Friday evenings and Sunday mornings )

Under 12
Managers Cormac Evans 798150 and Alan Moran 0866681556; Latest Training Schedule on Sundays at 11:00am at the Claregalway Pitch. We play in the Division 1 of the City League and have Teams in the County Division 1 and Division 5 Leagues to be held in September. Defeated Micheal Breathnach’s last Thursday 21st April in the City League. Away to Oranmore on this Sunday 1st May at 11:00.

Under 11
Managers Shane Moylan 0878032137 ; Latest Training Schedule Sundays 10:00am at Claregalway Pitch .

Under 10
Managers Michael Coyle 0872569844 ; Community games panel have a friendly with Craughwell on Saturday 30th April at 5pm. Our thanks to Tuam for the u10 challenge last Friday night we look forward to Tuam making a return trip in early May. Thanks to St. Michael’s for inviting us to their blitz, which is on bank holiday Monday in Westside.

Under 9
Managers Tom Dolan 0872896639

Under 8
Managers Tony Goldrick and Mattie

U-10,U-9,U-8 Latest Training Schedule Sunday mornings 11:00am till 12 in Loughgeorge.

Managers : The Ladies committee have entered U-16 and Minor Teams with John Carton as manager, an U-14 Team with Michael Kirwan manager and U-12’s and U-10’s will be managed by Patricia Newell and Gerry and Ann Moran. Latest Training Schedule takes place at 5:30 on Saturdays and 6:30 on Mondays at the Claregalway Pitch and new players always welcome.