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HEAT SAVER: Carnmore’s Gerry Hanley (centre) is presented with second prize for his Heatmaster in National Inventor’s Competition at Tullamore Show by Rodney Cox. Also pictured is sponsor Glen Gorey, GlenGorey Pumps. Photo: Alf Harvey.

An enterprising North Galway company continues to buck the economic downturn with the invention of a revolutionary home heating device.

Mechanical Engineer Gerry Hanley of Hanno Pastics, launched his innovative Hanno Heatmaster at the Tullamore Show this month and took a prize in the highly prestigious National Inventors Competition.

Gerry and his wife Bernie have a track record at the Tullamore event, having taken both first and third prize last year for the Hanno Easy Lift briquette handle and the Hanno Strapwinder — a device used by truckers to roll up ratched straps. That product took the couple to face the panel on Dragon’s Den last year and the Strapwinder is now being exported as far afield as New Zealand.

Gerry told The Tuam Herald he’s hopeful of similar success for the Heatmaster:

“It’s a great energy saving device at a time when people are becoming more and more concerned about saving money, and about reducing pollution an emissions.

“The Heatmaster is designed to harvest the heat from the waste gases that would normally disperse through the chimney flue into the atmosphere, resulting in heat loss and pollution.

“The Heatmaster is purpose built to harness the heat loss from the waste emissions. The average flue gas temperature in a domestic oil boiler is 260 degrees Celsius. With the Hanno Heatmaster system fitted, it will reduce your flue gas temperature to as low as 50 degrees.

“Tests have shown that the average five to ten year old boiler is 80 per cent efficient. When the Hanno Heatmaster is fitted, it can raise your efficiency rating to a 98 per cent.”

Gerry started Hanley Precision Engineering back in 1989 servicing Intel Ireland and companies such as Irish Cone and Wafer, Elmores Electrical and Hewlett Packard.

In 2000, Hanno relocated to Carnmore to service pharmaceutical, medical and automotive companies such as Valeo and JFC Manufacturing in Tuam, also Cambridge Diagnostics and Brivant in Galway City.

Over the years Hanno has been involved in the development of tools and products for a range of international clients.