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Nutrition and Weight Loss Programme

It’s that time of year again – when our thoughts turn to thinking about our health and waistline after an indulgent Christmas.

I offer a 6 week one to one programme for Nutrition and Weight loss devised by leading UK Nutritionist Patrick Holford.

During the programme we focus on eating a Low GL diet – which includes wholegrains like wholemeal flour, oats and brown rice, quinoa, beans, chickpeas and lentils, vegetables, fruit, fish, chicken, a little red meat, nuts and seeds.

We focus on eating little and often keeping hunger at bay and reducing or eliminating cravings. We also eat protein with carbohydrate at every meal helps you which helps you feel fuller for longer so you feel more satisfied.

The foods we focus on are healthy and nutritious and there are no gimmicks like shakes or bars.

Weight loss is slow and steady – the perfect combination for keeping the weight off, eliminating cravings and balancing blood sugar levels so that your energy is good throughout helping with motivation. Regular exercise is recommended.

I help to keep you focused through motivational coaching and a weekly weigh in on Tantita Body Composition Analyser Scales which show you your metabolic rate, fat percentage and visceral fat percentage as well as your weight. You recieve a read out each week for your own records.

We work from 2 booklets written by Patrick Holford and his team which give you all the information you need to suceed including the how the GL diet works, meal ideas, recipes, information on eating out and lots lots more.

Many clients of mine who have already sucuessfully lost weight also report far more energy, less cravings, better sleep, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, balanced hormones – less menopausal and PMT symptoms, less bloating and regular bowel movements and much more.

For the months of January and February I will be offering the one to one 6 week programme at a reduced rate of 200 euro (normally it is 225).

For more information or to book your 6 week programme please ring Liz Nolan Nutritional Therapist and Zest4life Practitioner on 086 8099604 or email me on

[email protected]

I work from Health and Herbs and in Moycullen. My website is

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