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What is possible?

In short, I firmly believe that anything is possible. Many people in everyday life and throughout history have achieved magnificent feats despite not having widespread support. You may remember a time of your own when people challenged your idea and you persisted anyway, and still you succeeded without their support. When you reflect on this, you may recall the personal attributes that you had to achieve your feat – self belief, determination, persistence, action, empowerment and positive intention towards a goal. These attributes are crucial to making any feat possible. I once heard the saying

“If you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it. “

In some circumstances a feat maybe so challenging that support is required in your journey to achieve success. In every challenge lies an opportunity to grow and learn from experiences. To overcome these challenges it may be helpful to look to others for support. There is huge support out there and it takes form in many shapes and sizes. Once you look for support and inform people of the feat that you wish to achieve you will be amazed at the acceleration of achieving your feat will get. Connecting with others for support is also rewarding experience as it can also bring new perspectives, energy learning’s and exciting opportunities to light.

While surrounding ourselves with likeminded people is important. We must also remember our own role, and what we are responsible and accountable for. We are accountable for our actions; if we want to achieve a magnificent feat we must feel empowered to take action. We are also responsible to ourselves and ensuring that our mindset is open, focused and positive at all times in the face of adversity. Practice makes perfect – so remember “Where positive thought goes, positive energy flows”

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Possibilities are the umbrella group for charitable organisations who are responsible for bringing the Dalai Lama to the Citywest Hotel in Dublin on April 15th.

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