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Latest Information

The new school patron is to be appointed early in 2012. The site is also to be purchased in 2012, and planning will be followed swiftly by the building of the new school to open in Claregalway in September 2013.

The Parents Committee has been contacted by Co. Galway VEC as part of their patronage application preparation. To help parents understand the patronage decision process, a public meeting is being organised where the VEC will present their proposals and explain their approach to the management of the new school and the education of our children. The meeting will be held on Wednesday 23rd November at 8.30pm, in the Claregalway Hotel. All parents are invited and all interested parties are welcome to attend.

Recent History
On 30th May 2011, Minister for Education, Ruairi Quinn, confirmed the second-level school for Claregalway will open in two years time ,September 2013. (

On 3rd March 2011 the Department of Education advertised for proposals from landowners interested in selling 10-12 acres as a site for the new school. (Galway Advertiser – 3rd March 2011 -Pg 96). They received a number of proposals before the closing date of 30th March 2011.

On 24th January 2011 the Dept of Education announced the formal approval/recognition of a Second-Level School for Claregalway. (School Building Programme Press Release – 24th January 2011 )
The Next Steps
The Dept of Education has invited suitable patrons to submit proposals for patronage of the new school. The proposals are due in January 2012 and the patron will be appointed early in 2012. (Parents please note that it is only when the patron is appointed in the new year that there will be a legal authority in place to accept enrolments.)
The Dept of Education have inspected the tendered sites during the summer 2011 and are now engaging with the local authorities to gather further information before making their decision on the exact location.
The committee continues to offer assistance to the Dept. The committee also continues to make the case for opening the school in temporary accomodation in September 2012.

The Claregalway Second-level School Parents Action Committee encourages all parents, members of the community and other interested parties to contact and speak to your local representative about what they can do help guarantee continued progress. Our representatives are fully supportive of our case. They will respond to your concerns. Remember that there are over 1900 children in primary schools within 6 miles of Claregalway. Many will have to travel long distances to second-level school. The immediate benefits to the children, families and community will be enormous when the school opens. Please keep up your support.
Questions can be emailed to [email protected]