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The following is a brief update as to how things are progressing in the setup of our Community Alert/Text Alert scheme.

  1. All monies received from the €5 registration fees have been lodged to a dedicated Bank Account.
  2. All mobile numbers have been put on a database.
  3. We have received quotes from various server providers and are currently deciding on which one to go with, the major deciding factors being costs per text and time frame in which the texts will be sent.
  4. We are currently awaiting a meeting with Superintendent Skehill before we can progress any further, we have not been notified of the date for this meeting yet but it is expected to be with the next week or two.

We would like to thank all who have volunteered to be our Area representatives/Committee members and all who have attended meetings. A special thanks to the Arches Hotel for providing us with a venue in which to hold these meetings. We appreciate your generosity in doing so.

Our goal is to have this Community Alert/Text Alert scheme up and successfully running as soon as possible and will provide updates frequently.

Catherine Dolan, Chairperson