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A service designed to help people newly diagnosed with dementia to improve their memory and overall mental function will be piloted by The Alzheimer Society of Ireland in Galway.

The effects of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) are proving successful for patients with mild to moderate dementia. The therapy involves singing, crafts, discussions about photos and newspaper articles which help stimulate different parts of the brain.

It’s reported that the effect of the therapy in patients is comparable with those treated with anti-dementia drugs.

There are more than 2,600 people in Galway with dementia and new weekly Cogs Clubs will be piloted by the Alzheimer Society in Knocknacarra to offer CST.

The clubs will provide weekly five-hour sessions of cognitive stimulation, music, reminiscence and orientation in a group setting.

The treatment works by stimulating long-term memories in order to help people with their short-term memory.

Cogs Club will run in the ASI Day Care service in Knocknacarra every Monday from 10am to 3pm and will allow carers a day of respite while giving group members a whole day of targeted brain stimulation and group activities.

The lead facilitator of Cogs Club, Sinead Finan said: “With Cogs Clubs we are now closer to the desired model of offering people living with dementia n integrated pathway of care which commences with Cognitive Stimulation Therapy, moves on to Cogs Clubs and then to Day Care and Home Care.

“The benefit of Cogs Clubs is that it can aid the transition to the next level of care as members’ abilities are reviewed each week and changes shared with relatives, allowing time for the best next level of care to be found.  It also gives people a sense of self-worth and improves their confidence.”